FORTIS: 5 Reasons to try the new HIIT Fitness Class

High Impact Interval Training, or HIIT as it’s commonly known, is a fantastic exercise regime that can help you get fit, improve your stamina and lose weight quickly and conveniently. It can, however, leave you with an aching body after your workout. This is where FORTIS comes in.

What is Fortis?

FORTIS is a group fitness class that offers a premium, boutique experience and one that uses the very latest technology in order to ensure you get the most from your workout. The central theme is that you get all the benefits of a traditional HIIT workout, but without any of the hurt the next day!

Why Should you try Fortis?

There are loads of reasons why you should give the FORTIS HIIT workout a go. It’s great for helping you reach a number of different fitness targets, is perfect for experienced gym-goers and newbies alike, as well as being quick and easy to follow.

1. It’s “HIIT without the Hurt”

This is the really clever bit. Unlike other HIIT workouts, FORTIS gives you all the benefits of traditional interval training while avoiding the pitfalls, a.k.a the aches and pains you suffer from afterwards. This is because the Speedflex machines that the workout uses (more on which later) are designed in such a way not to put any impact through your joints.

FORTIS has been designed to make sure you work opposing muscle groups easily. This means you don’t push yourself beyond your limits and that you will recover more quickly after your workout.


2. Fortis is Ideal for Helping you Lose Weight

The intense nature of the FORTIS workout – you’re working at around 80-90% of your maximum available effort – mean you’ll burn a lot of your body’s fuel (calories) in a short space of time, thereby helping you lose weight.

3. It’s a Great way to Improve your Fitness

With the increased heart rate that’s part and parcel of a FORTIS work out, you’ll rapidly boost your cardiovascular fitness if you include FORTIS as part of your regular exercise regime. This will mean improved stamina, lower resting heart rate and a general improvement in your overall health.


4. Fortis Makes use of the Latest Technology

The Speedflex machines that are the key element of the FORTIS workout. They don’t use weights, but instead have a set resistance level that works in all directions of travel. This means you work opposing muscle groups just as much as the targeted muscle groups, which helps reduce the soreness.

That there aren’t any weights involved also means that FORTIS is a low impact exercise. As such, you’re much less likely to get injured with FORTIS than with other HIIT workouts.


5. Great for Experienced HIIT-ers and Rookies Alike

FORTIS is all about you working at your maximum intensity. Whatever that may be. So, regardless of your fitness levels, you’re sure to reap the rewards. As you get used to it, just up the resistance to increase your effort levels.

FORTIS is currently available at seven of our centres: Basildon Sporting Village, Fareham Leisure Centre, Harpenden Leisure Centre, Harrow Lodge Leisure Centre, Hemel Hempstead Leisure Centre, Spelthorne Leisure Centre, Westgate Leisure Centre and Watford Woodside Leisure Centre.