How to Complete a Basic Wattbike Three Minute Test

Completing a basic Wattbike three minute test is a superb way if discovering an awful lot about your current fitness levels, where you’re at, what you’re good at and what it is you can improve upon.

To complete the test, you’ll need a heart rate monitor (which you can find here) and connect it to the Wattbike and then set it up to run the three minute test. It’s important to warm up thoroughly, doing about 20 minutes low intensity cycling, including two evenly spaced, six second duration, sprint cycles. Once you’ve completed the warm up, you can then move on to the test itself.

The test requires you to keep up a certain cadence (rpm) for the full three minutes, without a drop off in speed or performance, which for most people is between 90 and 110rpm. Once the test is complete, the bike will display all your performance parameters, allowing you to see what your fitness level is like in minute detail.

Watch the video to find out exactly how to perform this incredibly useful exercise.