Peloton Got You Thinking? Home Gym Ideas for Fitness Enthusiasts

Staying in shape and taking care of your health can be challenging at the best of times. But with COVID still circulating and winter finally here, it can be harder than ever to get motivated to visit your local gym You’d much rather stay inside your cosy home, relax in front of Netflix and snack on your favourite comfort foods than face that awful weather outside. However, there is a solution that will ensure you don’t have to give up on your personal health goals – create a home gym or dedicated workout space.

By doing so, you’ll ensure that you still get your 30 mins of exercise five times per week while also taking care of your mental and physical health, sleeping better, having fun and perhaps even getting the family involved too.

Here are some of our favourite home gym ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

A Home Gym in your Bedroom

Your bedroom can be an excellent place to create a home gym, especially if you live in a small space or prefer to sweat in private. Of course, you may need to make some compromises along the way (such as avoiding Jumping Jacks!), but with a few tweaks, you can make the most of what you have.

Start by considering how much space you have available and how you can maximise this by moving furniture around or making other tweaks. Then start to choose your equipment, avoiding bulky items such as treadmills and elliptical trainers and opting for quieter, compact, foldable options instead. If you need to connect your equipment to a power source, make sure everything is positioned exactly where you need it to be.

It’s also worth investing in a a Yoga mat for added comfort, yoga sessions and stretching exercises as well as basics like free weights or resistance bands.

A Home Gym in your Garage

Whether you’re just looking for a convenient space to workout or you’re looking to recreate a gym experience at home, your garage can also be a great bet. You won’t need to worry as much about noise or weight of your gym equipment, it’s usually cooler than the rest of your home and it can grow with your requirements. Even if you usually store your car in your garage, you can simply park it elsewhere while you enjoy your workout.

Because garages are often where everything gets dumped, start by cleaning and organising the space. Reorganise, sell or donate what you have so you can start with a clean slate.

Then think about making your space comfortable and appealing – a quick coat of paint and some good quality speakers are always a good investment. When it comes to equipment, consider what you use the most in your local Everyone Active gym and choose a few key pieces. You can always add to what you have as time goes on.

If your garage has a basic concrete floor, you’ll also need to consider flooring. This will support your equipment, help protect your joints and make sure you don’t slip. Rubber gym mats are relatively cheap and easy to get hold of.

In your Garden

If you don’t have space for a gym inside your home but still want to workout, you might find yourself considering whether you can use your garden shed instead. Yes, this can be a great idea if you simply want to practice yoga or do simple stretches. However, it’s not so great if you want to do HIIT workouts, lift weights or use other fitness equipment as the floor may not support the weight.

An outdoor building such as a summer house with a concrete foundation or a converted shipping container will work far better and allow you to get the exercise you need, without worrying about making huge changes to your home – “Even in the tiniest of spaces, you can create a gym space that will help you to meet your fitness goals without spending a fortune or taking up too much time,” say conversion experts, S Jones.

With these outside spaces, you’ll need to consider whether your equipment needs to be connected to a power socket and how you will ventilate or warm your space. Once you’ve done this, you can focus on making it a comfortable place to exercise and using your imagination when it comes to creating an exciting outdoor space will be a real winner. Just don’t forget to lock up when it’s not in use!

In your Living room

If you live alone, in a flat or you’re really short on space, you can also use your living room as a home gym. Although you won’t have a dedicated room to train in and you are likely to face common distractions, it will help you keep up with your fitness routine.

The best solution for living rooms is a simple gym setup with one piece of cardio equipment such as a foldable treadmill that can be hidden away when not in use. Simple strength training tools like dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls are also a good bet and can help recreate that gym experience at home.

If you need help sticking to your goals and creating your home workouts, Everyone Active are more than happy to help. Check out our expertly-created training plans here.