How to eat healthily on a budget

Worried about eating healthily on a budget and whether or not it’s possible? Well, worry no more. Follow our advice and healthy eating will be both cheaper and more effective at helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Write a shopping list

Try to plan your meals for the week for both you and the family, make a list and stick to it. Also, avoid shopping when you’re hungry as you are more likely to spend more especially on less healthy foods to hit that sugar rush.

Shop online

All the larger supermarkets, now have online shopping which allow you to stick to your shopping list and not impulse buy. But also check out comparison websites, where they allow you to add your list and then compare from shop to shop.

Buy frozen

Frozen fruit and vegetables are picked at the peak of freshness and then frozen to seal in their nutrients. They come pre-chopped and ready to use and are just as good for you. Just make sure you check the salt, sugar or fat content, as sometimes the cheaper ones add these to taste better.

Compare pre-packed with loose

Fruit and vegetables sometimes cost more pre-packed than loose. Check the price per weight to make sure you get the best deal.

Pulses, beans, lentils and Peas

These are some of the cheapest foods on the supermarket shelf. They are low in calories and fat, but packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals and also count towards your five a day.
Use them in dishes to replace some of the chicken or meat, such as a chilli con carne with kidney beans or a chicken curry with chickpeas

Eat smaller portions

Say no to second helpings or use smaller plates. Try weighing or measuring out staples such as pasta and rice to stay in control of your portion size and reduce waste.

Cook from scratch

Cut back on takeaways and prepare and cook your own meals. It’s also an easier way to control what is going in your dish.

Waste nothing

Be strict about buying only what you’ll eat. Plan your meals so that all the ingredients get used. Eat Leftovers for lunch or freeze any unused food and try freezing your bread in portions.

Remember to treat yourself

If you are saving the pennies each week by cutting back on the shop and no takeaways, allow yourself a small indulgence at the end of the month. It’s all about everything in moderation, so whether it’s a new item of clothing, a bottle of wine or just simply a new book, you need something to reward yourself with. Eating healthily is important, but you need a little variety to keep you motivated.


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