Back to School, Back to the Pool

The long summer holidays are finally over and congratulations, you’ve survived! That means the kids are back to school and you’re back to taking the kids to their Everyone Active Swimming Lessons, as well as getting back into your own fitness regime. To help you out, we have teamed up with Zoggs to bring you the top five products that will help you get back in the pool with little or no hassle.

Junior Girls Palms Rowleeback (Available in ages 6-15)

Get your kids excited about returning to their swimming lessons by adding a flash of colour in our Palms Rowleeback swimsuit. The Rowleeback offers great flexibility around the shoulders, making it perfect for those just starting to swim, as well as those used to powering up and down the lanes already. Additionally, it’s made from our new Ecolast that is produced from recycled fishing nets, rubbish rescued from the ocean and materials obtained from landfill. This all means they’ll be protecting the environment, looking great and swimming comfortably all at the same time.

Phantom 2.0

With the kids back at school you finally have some time to yourself! Why not treat yourself to some new goggles? Known as the ultimate all-rounder goggle the Phantom 2.0 is ideal for both beginners and confident swimmers alike. They feature some of your favourite Zoggs goggle features too, including Anti Fog, UV Protection, Curved Lens Technology and Soft Seal. All of these make them extremely comfortable; so much so, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them. These models are available in junior sizes, alongside a variety of different colours as well, so they’re suitable for the whole family.

Little Twist

Swimming with the kids can sometimes be a little tricky. Onerous tasks such as getting them ready, making sure they’ve been to the toilet, making sure they have everything they need for their lesson all make it something of a palaver. The most irritating task of all, however, is making sure their goggles are adjusted correctly both before and during their lessons. Give our Little Twist goggles a go, however, with their durable, strong silicone strap and easy-adjust mechanism providing a comfortable and fuss-free fit perfect for any swimmer. They also feature our standard Anti-fog and UV protection, making them perfect for your next summer holiday.

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Multi-Coloured Silicone Cap

Brighten up those forthcoming dark winter nights with the Zoggs Multi Coloured Silicone Cap. You don’t want anything getting in the way of your swim so this is the perfect way of keeping those rogue hairs away from your face, protecting your hair from chlorine and making you as streamlined as possible. You will be speeding up and down the lanes in no time. These are available in both junior and adult sizes make it a family trip to the pool and see who’s the fastest.

Junior Rucksack

It’s a little tricky to get all your kit to the pool without something to put it in and this is where the Junior Rucksack comes in. It’s perfect for all those swim essentials like swimming costumes, towels, goggles and hats. With heavy-duty nylon construction, you can be assured this bag will last as long as you need it to, while its light weight and easy drawstring closing mean they will have no excuse not to carry it.

We know getting the kids back to the pool, now that they’re going back to school or finding the time to go yourself can be difficult, but these products will help make things just that little bit easier. So forget about those concerns and get back to pool today.