Three key Pieces of Zoggs Learn to Swim Equipment

Weekend trips to the local leisure centre with the family provide the opportunity for your kids to practice what they are being taught in their Everyone Active Swimming Lessons, away from their lessons. Zoggs’ learn to swim equipment allow you to replicate what your child is practicing during lesson time, or give you and your child the confidence to develop their swim technique without the supervision of a teacher. Here, we take a look at three essential learn to swim products, all available at your local Everyone Active centre, which you can use with your child to supplement their learn to swim journey.

Float Discs

zoggs learn to swim equipment float discs

Zoggs Float Discs provide adjustable buoyancy that can be reduced as your child’s ability increases. The disc-shaped design allows complete freedom of movement and supports the development of the correct body position in the water. This promotes active swimming as opposed to bobbing in the water.

Start with two floats per arm and remove one from each arm to reduce buoyancy as your child’s confidence in the water grows. Float Discs are suitable for ages two to six and a maximum weight of 25kg.

Water Wings Vest

zoggs learn to swim equipment water wings vest

Unique among buoyancy vests due to its fixed buoyancy profile, the Zoggs Water Wings Vest places your child in the correct swimming position. This naturally encourages them to use their arms and legs to begin exploring and moving around in the water. Meanwhile, strategically sewn floats ensure their ability to do so without restriction.

Further clever design features of the Water Wings Vest include a rear zip with a tab to prevent children from removing the vest themselves, as well as carefully designed sleeves which prevent the jacket from riding up around the neck.

Perfect for children at Learn to Swim Stage 2, the Water Wings Vest is available for children aged one to five, or up to 25kg.

Dive Sticks

zoggs learn to swim equipment dive sticks

Zoggy Dive Sticks are a must-have to play every child’s favourite ‘dive-and-retrieve-style’ game. The fun of throwing and the challenge of collecting encourages your child to build their confidence under the water, quickly developing Learn to Swim Stage 3 skills.

Zoggy Dive Sticks are intelligently designed to stand upright when submerged for ease of collection. Start by getting your child to collect one then see if they can collect all three at the same time.