Wellington Sports Centre Decarbonisation Project

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A major refurbishment and carbon-cutting makeover of Wellington Sports Centre has begun.

The £3.6 million project will consist of a range of building works that should deliver carbon savings of nearly 220 tonnes per year. Plus, we will also be investing in the gym, to bring you a brand-new 55-station state-of-the-art facility.

Construction work is expected to last around ten months. Although the centre will not close entirely, there will be unavoidable disruption until the project completes next summer. See the full timeline below. Please note that these dates are subject to change.

Disruption Timeline

  • Gym – Will remain open for the full duration of the project.
  • Swimming Pool & Health Suite – Will 

Tots/pre-school sessions

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At Accelerate it’s all about the children having fun and learning key skills. The sessions change each week, to provide a variation for the children and to keep them engaged.

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Opening Hours During the Project

Monday – Friday: 06:30-21:30
Saturday: 07:30-16:30
Sunday: 08:00-16:30

Staying Active With Us

We don’t want the disruptions during the decarbonisation project to stand in the way of your fitness routine. So we will introduce the below to ensure you can stay active with us.

Don’t worry, if you are not already a member you won’t miss out. Join online today to access the above benefits!

Project Works

  • Replacing a fossil fuel heating system with electric air source heat pumps
  • Replacing and upgrading the ventilation unit
  • Installing solar panels onto the building roof
  • Replacing and upgrading windows and doors
  • Replacing the roof and improving its insulation

Brand-New Gym

Wellington Gym Floorplan

  • Installation of all new cardio equipment including Arc Trainers, Watt Bikes, Ski Erg, Cross Trainers, Rowers, Treadmills & much more!

Wellington Gym Refurbishment

  • Installation of all new resistance equipment including dual pulley, seated leg curl, leg extension, Smith machine, leg press, lat pulldown, shoulder press, chest press and much more!
  • Installation of all new free weights including squat rack, bench press rack, benches and dumbbells.

Wellington Gym Refurbishment

  • Installation of all new stretch area.
  • Creation of a new functional training gym.

Wellington Gym Refurbishment

We’re excited to welcome you to our fantastic new facilities!

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