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Training Plans

Training Plans & Workouts

Our range of training plans are designed specifically to help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be. We take your goals, motivation and fitness experience level from your Personal Goal Setting session and use that information to choose the right training plan for you.

Key Benefits

  • You're much more likely to reach your goal

    By following a Training Plan, you're much more likely to reach your fitness goal than if you follow one you devised yourself.
  • Includes activities designed to help you reach your targets

    One of our Training Plans will always include exercises that have been specifically designed to help you meet your targets.
  • You can fit it in around your availability

    You can mould your training plan around your daily routine, so you'll get the results you want by fitting your exercise regime around your other commitments.
  • Ideal for various experience levels

    All our Training Plans are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, meaning you'll always find the right one for your level of fitness.

How it works

Here's a quick breakdown of how a training plan can help you reach your goals.

Just a sample of our available training plans

Here are just a few of the multitude of different Training Plans that we have on offer for you to enjoy. Whatever your experience level - be it Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, we're sure to have the right plan for you.

  • Power to the Top

    Let’s push your fitness to another level. Strictly running throughout this plan to help you feel on top form. Challenge yourself with the speed and incline in each interval.

    Level: Advanced

  • Beach Body

    Want to get in shape and look great on the beach? This training plan uses progressive workouts to burn fat, while defining and building every muscle group to give you that fantastic ‘Beach Body’ on your holiday.

    Level: Intermediate

  • Pick of the Bunch

    Want perfectly toned legs? Try this workout for size and watch the fat drop off using a little of everything.

    Level: Beginner

A huge library of Training Plans at your finger tips

Our library of more than 130 Training Plans is full to the brim with a huge range of different plans for you to enjoy. Whatever your age, goals or experience levels, we're sure to find one that will suit you and help you achieve your targets.

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