Recite Me User Guide

Recite Me is a digital accessibility assistive toolbar. This can be located in the bottom right corner on each page of the website and is always visible even when scrolling. Example of button shown below.

Accessibility Button

To activate this, click on the accessibility box and this will open the Recite Me tool bar.


Accessibility tool location

Features and Tools available:

Screen Reader

Screen reader icons

  • The screen reader functionality enables the user to have the page content read aloud in a natural voice.
  • There are 35 different language options available.
  • The screen reader allows the user to control the speed of the audio as well as being able to highlight particular areas to read.
  • There is an option to download as MP3 file to listen offline.


Reading icons

Reading content from a monitor, tablet or mobile screen can be difficult for some people. These tools are available to help.

  • Remove styling from the webpage to only show text.
  • Ruler the user controls to assist with reading line by line.
  • Reading mask to block out distractions and focus on a single section.
  • Magnifying glass to zoom in to sections of text.
  • Dictionary and thesaurus option to look up and explain complex words.
  • When selected text only view, you can the set the margins to align focus text to the centre of the screen.


Styling icons

Styling and design of websites can make viewing or reading a website challenging for individuals, these tools help block out distractions change the display to be easier to view.

  • Increase and decrease text size on the website
  • Changing font type and colour. This includes open-dyslexic font.
  • Website background colour change
  • Text only option to remove website style, images to leave wording only.


Translation icons

Not all users will speak English as their first language. Using this option you can select from over 100 languages.

  • Over 100 languages to choice from
  • 35 languages available for text speech options