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Personal Training

We’re proud to introduce the Everyone Active Personal Trainer App. It’s your one-stop shop for everything to do with your Personal Training sessions. From booking sessions, choosing which expert Personal Trainer to work with, managing your calendar and seeing which sessions are available, you can do it all right here in one place.

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What can you do with the Everyone Active Personal Trainer App?

The Everyone Active Personal Trainer App allows you to manage every aspect of your Personal Training schedule. Whether you want to book a session, see which Personal Trainers and which sessions are available each week, find out more about each Personal Trainer or even cancel a particular session. You can do it all via the app.

Personal training screens

Book your Personal Trainer Sessions

Schedule and book your personal training session at a time that would suit you, with your preferred trainer.

Available Sessions

Here, you’ll be able to see which sessions are available with each of our expert Personal Trainers so your workouts can fit in around your busy schedule. You can filter by centre, day, time and individual Trainer so you can quickly see which sessions you might wish to attend.

Manage your Personal Trainer Sessions

If you need to change or cancel your booked Personal Training session for whatever reason, you can do that right here.

Personal Trainer Information

All our Personal Trainers are experts in their field, but some have different areas of speciality. One may suit you more if your goal is to improve your cardiovascular fitness, whereas another may have more expertise in strength training. Find out more about the available Personal Trainers here and you can make an informed decision.

Personal training journey

Download our personal training booking app today