Top Rock Climbing Parties

Top Rock climbing at Alton Sports Centre is ideal as a birthday party activity. It’s fantastic fun, exciting and great exercise, too. There are a total of 19 routes to try out with your friends, which vary in difficulty, meaning Top Rock is ideal for both experienced and novice climbers alike.

Each of those 19 different routes is on a different, brightly-coloured and wackily-shaped, wall, which helps give Top Rock climbing a fun and different atmosphere. As part of your party package, you and your group of participants get exclusive use of the climbing facilities for a full hour, while it also includes a half-hour safety briefing beforehand.

You and your party of 10 or more climbers also get to head to the café afterwards for some party food and – most importantly of all – cake!

What do you get with a Top Rock Climbing Party?

When you book a Top Rock climbing party with us here at Alton Sports Centre, you get the following:

  • Half hour’s safety briefing beforehand
  • Exclusive access to all 19 climbing routes for an hour
  • Half an hour in the café for food, cake and celebrations!

So if you’re in the Alton area looking to book a climbing party, why not give the Top Rock clip and climb at Alton Sports Centre a go?