Soft Play at Lammas Leisure Centre

Indoor soft play at Lammas Leisure Centre, Nottinghamshire is a fantastic facility for children 12 years and under. This is a kids soft play area with a difference. As well as everything you would expect from a first-class soft play facility, customers will benefit from the addition of TAG Play. This combines everything that’s great about soft play and TAGactive to produce the ultimate experience for kids aged 12 and under.

The soft play facilities will be among the best in the business, with a separate area for toddlers (those aged three and under) and older children. The toddler area will include features such as a ball pool and a fun brick house.

Soft Play Nottingham

Meanwhile, the main soft play area is nearly 8 metres high and split across four different levels, while accommodating up to 132 kids at a time. There’s a massive variety of features for kids to enjoy, including a double-lane wave slide and spiral slide, a blue drop slide for older kids to try if they dare, a web crawl tunnel, a party area for those celebrating, raised trampolines and so much more.

Soft Play In Lammas

What makes this fantastic soft play facility different, however, is the TAG element – adding a whole new and exciting dimension to the experience. It works in a very similar way to TAGactive detailed above, but is contained within the soft play facility, rather than the TAG Arena. Players get a wristband and, rather than points, players are tasked with finding and collecting different shapes.

There are stars, diamonds, circles, hearts and rainbow shapes located on beacons dotted around the arena and players just have to tap their wristband on each one to collect them. At the end of the game, the players download their wristband on to the TAG Play hub and the individuals and teams who have collected the most shapes overall, as well as the largest number of each of the different types of shape, meaning there’s more chance for more kids to be a winner!