5-a-side football with Everyone Active

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to get more active, alongside having fun with your mates and even making new friends, then 5-a-side football is an absolutely fantastic place to start.

There are two ways to play. Firstly, you can either play socially with your friends by just booking a pitch through your centre. Secondly, you could also form a team and enter a league, with games hosted at Everyone Active centres.

What is 5-a-Side Football?

5-a-side football is played on much smaller pitches than traditional 11-a-side matches, with much smaller goals as well. Meanwhile, 5-a-side is more of a game of skill, touch and quick thinking. Players need to create angles and find space within the confines of the small pitch in order to succeed. When playing 11-a-side games on full-size pitches, however, it’s pace and power, however, that are more the order of the day.

How Can you Play 5-a-Side Football With Everyone Active?

There are a variety of ways you can enjoy playing 5-a-side football with us at Everyone Active. Firstly, you can hire a pitch and just play socially with your friends. All you need to do is book a pitch – which you can do either by phone, through the app, the website or at the centre in person – and turn up.

Secondly, you and your team can join a league, many of which have matches hosted at our centres. Obviously, this is a slightly more serious affair than a casual booking as there are often prizes at the end of the season. If your team needs extra practice between matches, then you can book pitches to keep yourselves in tip-top shape.

Lastly, 5-a-side football is also a really popular option for our kid’s birthday parties. We hold these in our sports halls and the whole group will enjoy football-themed games, challenges and drills, testing everybody’s skills for an hour or so. Then, everyone heads to the party venue room to enjoy party food and that all-important birthday cake.

It’s Great for Introducing Kids to Football

As well as being a great game to help adults keep active, 5-a-side football is perfect for introducing kids to the beautiful game too. It helps them to learn all the deft skills and tricks, but in a less physical environment. This allows them to enjoy themselves without worrying about the more physical aspect of the game.

You’ll find indoor 5-a-side football is hosted at just about all of our centres that have a sports hall. Meanwhile, outdoor games are hosted on both artificial 3G pitches and traditional grass pitches at sites across the country.