Birthday Parties with Everyone Active

Birthday Parties are currently not available at Everyone Active centres due to COVID regulations. We hope to be able to offer parties again in the near future.

Hosting a birthday party with Everyone Active is a great way to ensure your kid has loads of fun, celebrating their special day with their friends. Whether you opt for a swimming party with inflatables or one of huge range of other available parties, we’re sure everyone  will have a day to remember.

A Hassle-Free Birthday Party

Your local leisure centre may allow you to cater for yourself, but you can also let us take the strain by providing food for you. Meanwhile, our party leaders will look after all your needs to make sure everyone has a great time. Most importantly, they’ll clear up any mess afterwards too, meaning you can have a party for your kid with no hassle, no mess, just fun!

To register for a birthday party, complete the enquiry form that you can find here or at the bottom of the page and we will get in touch with you to work out all the details. Below, you’ll find more information on each of the birthday parties we offer. Read on to find out more, or download your party invites now.

Football Party

Every football birthday party includes loads of games, challenges and drills to test your kid’s – and their friends’ – skills. These parties include a host or a football party leader if you request one when booking.

Swimming Pool Inflatable Party

Why not give an Everyone Active swimming pool birthday party with inflatables a go? They’re designed specifically for children – including those grown-up kids among you – aged eight and up, making them great fun for all. Have you got the balance and the courage to stay on the inflatables without falling into the pool? Challenge yourself, your children and their friends today.

Bouncy Castle Party

What could be more fun than a bouncy castle party? There’s nothing a kid enjoys more than bouncing around on an inflatable castle – it’s a fantastic way to have fun, get active and wear them out a little bit. These parties last for an hour and are specially designed for children aged up to eight years old. Each birthday party includes a host supplied by us and can be self-catered, or catered for by us, depending on the centre.

Soft Play Party

A soft play birthday party with Everyone Active combines adventure, safety and, of course, fantastic fun, all in one go. For your birthday party, you’ll get exclusive use of the soft play area for your kid and their friends, meaning they can climb, explore and play games. You can cater yourself, or let us take care of the food, depending on your own preferences and which centre you’re at.

Climbing Parties

Experience the thrills and spills of mountaineering with a climbing party from Everyone Active. We’ve got an ever-expanding number of climbing walls at centres across the country. Each birthday party lasts for at least an hour and includes fully-qualified climbing coaches and supervisors to ensure everyone has fun in a safe environment. Depending on which centre you’re at, the parties are either self catered or we can provide food for you.

Clip ‘n Climb Birthday Parties

Similar to climbing, but with an even greater focus on fun, a clip’n climb party is innovative and action-packed that’s fantastic for climbers of all ages and abilities. The unique auto belay system ensures every clip and climb birthday party is held in a fun, safe environment. It also helps make climbing a game, helping people overcome a fear of heights, or test their physical strength, making it a party everyone will remember. Depending on which centre you’re at, the parties are either self-catered or we can provide food for you.

Football Parties

Every football birthday party includes loads of games, challenges and drills to test your kid’s – and their friends’ – skills. These parties include a host or a football party leader if you request one when booking.

Ice Skating Birthday Parties

Ice skating birthday parties are fantastic fun and are appropriate for people of all ages – both children and adults. Parties are led by either a fully-trained skating marshal or a skate coach, who help children practice and learn new skating skills as well as getting involved in challenges and listening to today’s top music. These birthday parties for at least an hour and, depending on centre can either be self-catered, or have food provided by our on-site team.

Multi-Sport Parties

For the kid who loves all sports, this birthday party includes a choice of different games to enjoy, including football, basketball, netball, indoor hockey and a whole host of others. Whatever sport you enjoy, these parties will be full of fun to share with your friends.

Roller Skate Parties

Roller skating is a fantastic way to enjoy your birthday party, so why not give it a try? We have all the skates and safety gear to help you enjoy the party, as well as dedicated skating marshals to support you and your kids get on the rink and skate safely. Music and games are available on request when you book.

Swimming Birthday Parties

An Everyone Active fun swimming birthday party includes floats, toys, and games for children and adults to enjoy together, making the pool as fun as it can be. Naturally, every pool birthday party is presided over by fully-qualified life guards.

Salt Hill Activity Centre Kid’s Birthday Parties

Salt Hill Activity Centre plays host to a huge range of fantastic kid’s birthday parties. These include trampolining, ten-pin bowling, soft play, caving and high ropes birthday parties, all of which offer excitement, fun, adventure and activity in equal measure. To make the day go with a bang, you can cater the event for yourself, or let us take the strain.

Please check your local Everyone Active centre for available options, or download your birthday party invites.