Discover Pool Party Games for Over 8s

Designed specifically for children aged eight and over, we’ve got a huge selection of superb games for kids attending a Pool Party with Everyone Active to enjoy. They’re a great way to get active while having an awful lot of fun at the same time and are a brilliant way to share your child’s birthday with their friends. Read on to find out what sort of pool party games we offer.

Float Relays

The kids are split into teams of four, with one of them swimming across the pool, passing the raft to another team member once they reach the other side. The first team of which all members have completed a width of the pool wins.

Horse Races

To take part in this game, the children sit astride a Zoodle and have to paddles and cycle their legs all the way to the other side of the pool. The first one to complete the width of the pool wins.

Raft Races

In this game, the kids are split into groups of four and, in each team, one person runs or swims the width of the pool, where they pick up a team mate, returning them to the other side of the pool. This is repeated until all four members of the team completes the last width and the team that does this first is declared the winner.

Traffic Light Game

With all the kids in the water, the party leader calls out certain colours – Red, Amber and Green – and the children need to complete the action associated with that colour. If “red!” I called, the children must tread water, while if it’s amber or green, then they must float and swim respectively.

Water Polo

The children are split into two teams and they pass a soft ball to one another in their teams and try and score a goal. Depending on the children’s swimming ability, this game can be played in either shallow or deep water.