Discover Pool Party Games for Under 8s

We’ve got a huge range of pool parties for children aged eight and under to enjoy. They’re all fantastic, frenetic fun that are enjoyable for everyone. They’ve been designed specifically for smaller children to take part in and are full of fun activities to keep the kids occupied throughout the party and to make sure they have as much fun as possible.

Bean Game

In this game, the party leader calls out the name of a certain type of bean and then the players perform a specific action associated with that ben. As an example, if the leader calls out “French!”, all the kids must stand like the Eiffel Tower, while if they shout “kidney!”, the children should perform a mushroom float. If “runner!” is called out, then everyone should run around the pool and if “string!” is shouted, then everyone should pencil float. Meanwhile, if the call is “broad!”, the children should perform a star float and for “jumping!”, the kids should jump up and down. Finally, if “Mexican!” is called, all the children need to jump in a star shape shouting “Arriba!”

Crab Catchers Tag

This game requires the players to travel sideways across the pool, avoiding the catchers, which wait in the middle if the pool. Anyone who is caught by a catcher, immediately becomes a catcher themselves, until there are no crabs left.

Desert Island

Navigating their way round obstacles that litter the pool – and not touching them – this game involves the players retrieving objects from the shipwreck on one side of the pool to the desert island on the other. If the kids are split into two groups, then one group collects the objects, while the other group acts as the obstacles.

Flipping Race

In this game, players race against each other blowing an egg flip from one side of the pool to the other. Once they reach the other end a team mate takes over to blow it back. The first team to complete this challenge wins the game.

Musical Statues

Players must move around or swim while the music plays. As soon as it stops, they must also become completely still. Anyone still moving gets eliminated. The last person left wins.

Float Relays

Divide children into teams of four. One person from each team swims across the pool and passes the raft to the next swimmer. This continues until all swimmers in the team have completed the width.

Horse Racing

Children sit across a Zoodle and have to paddle and cycle their legs to the other side of the pool.

Raft Races

Children are divided into groups of four. One person from each team swims across the pool where they pick up another child and return. This is repeated until all four members of the team complete the last width. The winners are the first team to get all teammates across.

Traffic Light Game

Children are in the water. When a leader calls the following colours, children must complete the actions:

  • Red = Tread water
  • Amber = Float
  • Green = Swim

Water Polo

Split children into two teams to play with a soft ball, children pass the ball to their team members and try and score a goal. This game can be played in shallow or deep water depending on the group.