Swimming Sessions with Everyone Active

Here at Everyone Active, we’re keen to get as many people swimming as possible. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy a whole-body workout, without putting much strain on your joints, so you’re much less likely to hurt yourself.

Not everyone wants to swim for the same reasons, however, which is why we offer different sessions at different times of the day at each and every one of our pools. Many centres also have more than one pool, with some used mainly for teaching, some for more fun swims and others for fitness and competition. Below, we’ve detailed what each of the different sessions available involve and who they might suit the most.

Adult Swimming

If you just fancy a gentle swim, then this is the session for you. There are no lanes to confine you, no pressure to go quickly and, above all, no kids splashing about. It’s an absolutely fantastic way to get active in a gentle, low pressure environment.

Aqua Classes

These sessions are comprised of a variety of different classes. Perhaps the most common of these are Aqua Aerobics sessions, which give you an excellent whole-body workout, but without the dangers of impact injuries. Furthermore, we also offer Aqua Natal Classes, which are specifically designed for both pregnant mums-to-be and new mums – along with their new arrivals, of course. Some centres also feature a crèche, so you can leave your child in our capable hands while you enjoy your session.


Many of our centres have partnerships with local swimming clubs, as well as water polo and diving clubs. These sessions, therefore will generally see the pool closed off for exclusive use by that club. If you’d like to join in with them, however, they’re always looking for new members and it’ll add an extra element of competition to your aquatic activities.

Family Sessions

Like a certain brand of wood stain, these sessions do exactly what they say on the tin. They’re ideal for a fun family day out where you and the kids can enjoy the water, with floats and other equipment available for everyone to enjoy.

Schools Swimming

These sessions are run during term time and are where we invite local schools to bring their pupils along to take advantage of our award-winning swimming lesson programme. It’s part of the national curriculum that every child that leaves primary school must be able to swim at least 25m unaided, as well as a good knowledge of water safety.

Public Sessions

Again, as the name suggests, these sessions are designed for everyone to come and enjoy the pool. Whether you want to get some lengths in, or you just want to enjoy yourself in the water, these sessions are designed to suit everybody’s needs.

Lane Swimming

These more serious sessions are for those who want to use the pool as a fitness tool. Divided into lanes for swimmers of different abilities and speeds, they’re for swimmers of all ages who can swim a a continuous eight lengths.

Swim Lessons

Our award-winning swimming lessons are open to everyone – adults and children alike – over the age of four months. They follow the Swim England Learn to Swim framework and are taught by Swim England (or equivalent) qualified teachers. They cover 10 stages in all and run 50 weeks of the year – only stopping over the Christmas period. To find out more about the swim lessons available, click here.

Family Swimming with Inflatables

Fun is at the centre of these sessions, with inflatables available for everyone to enjoy. These sessions are a great way to get active while having fun at the same time

Senior Sessions

These sessions are designed for people aged 50 and over. Here, you can swim freely, and it’s a great way to get active without pushing yourself too hard.

Feeling Inspired?

It’s never been easier to join our award-winning lessons. From children as young as three months old to adults of all ages, everyone can benefit from developing their skills and confidence in the water. Join online today and see where your journey can take you.