What are Adult Swimming Lessons?

Our adult swimming lessons cater for all abilities. From complete beginners, all the way to people who are confident in the water but want to improve their stroke technique, stamina and overall ability. We also offer lessons in additional skills, including diving, water safety and distance swimming.

We offer a variety of different levels of adult swimming lessons that cater for swimmers of all abilities. You’ll find the details of these below.

Be Water Confident

These classes give you an introduction to the pool, helping to build your confidence in the water alongside learning basic aquatic skills. These classes take place in shallow water, helping you build confidence in safety.

Be a Swimmer

With the goal of you managing to swim a short distance, this element of our adult swimming lessons help you to develop your confidence both in and around the water.

Be a Better Swimmer

Improve your stamina and stroke technique and gain confidence swimming in deeper water. The goal for these lessons is to support you to swim distances of up to 50 metres on your front and back with good technique.

Adult Fitness

Adult swimming lessons will not only help you refine your stroke technique and make you a better swimmer, but it will also help build your endurance. You’ll get fitter, as well as strengthening your joints without putting huge amounts of impact through them, thereby helping you avoid injuries, as well as helping you to recover from them. To help keep you motivated, you can win awards for covering certain distances all the way up to 1,500 metres.

Be a Master Swimmer

Once you have the necessary skills and confidence in the water, we offer a variety of additional training options. These include National Challenge awards; Bronze, Silver and Gold Personal Survival awards; diving skills courses and life-saving courses alongside competition training.

Feeling Inspired?

It’s never been easier to join our award-winning lessons. From children as young as three months old to adults of all ages, everyone can benefit from developing their skills and confidence in the water. Join online today and see where your journey can take you.