Diving Lessons with Everyone Active

As well as our award-winning swim lessons, Everyone Active also boasts an extensive diving lessons programme. Open to anyone that’s got to stage seven of the 10-stage swim lesson scheme, our diving lesson course is based on the Swim England Learn to Dive framework.

There are seven stages to the course, taking you from being a complete beginner, all the way up to mastering fairly complex dives. These take place from the 1m and 3m springboards.
If you show promise as a diver, we can help guide you towards the Diving Squads system, which will take you all the way from local meets against other clubs all the way up to potentially taking on the world’s best at international competitions.

Diving Lesson Programme

Once you’ve completed the seventh stage of our award-winning learn-to-swim scheme (or equivalent) you’ve got the opportunity to take up diving lessons, should you so wish. This comprises of seven separate stages that take you from the very basics of the sport, all the way up to taking on some fairly complex dives.

Diving Level 8

Paradoxically, you begin at diving level 8. This level of the programme essentially gives you a taster of what’s to come and what diving is like as a sport. You’ll be able to determine whether or not you enjoy it and if you want to take it any further.

Diving 1

If you decide you do, then you start at the first level of the Swim England diving framework. Here, you’ll learn the most basic skills that will form the backbone of your progression through the scheme. Once you’ve mastered these, you’ll be able to progress to the next stage.

Diving 2

Having grasped these fundamentals, the second stage gives you the opportunity to try them out from the 1m springboard.

Diving 3

This third level adds some further dives to your repertoire. In order to pass this stage of programme, you’ll need to display the ability to complete back dives, while you’ll also use the 3m springboard for the first time.

Diving 4

This phase of the scheme builds on what you have learnt in the previous stages. The skills you’ll learn include the back fall from the 1m springboard and diving from the 3m board.

Diving 5

The penultimate level of the diving scheme is where things get a little more complicated. Here you’ll try an inward dive for the first time and you’ll begin to learn about springboard timing.

Diving 6

Finally, you bring together everything you’ve already learnt in this last stage. As well as honing the skills you’ve already mastered, you’ll also learn some new ones, including an inward dive from 1m and a front somersault.

Diving Squads

Once you’ve completed the diving lessons programme, are enjoying it and show an aptitude for it, then maybe you can start to take it a little more seriously? Here is where we can help. We have diving clubs that train and compete regularly at our centres, while many more advanced squads also train at our centres, all the way up to international level competitors.

Diving Club Squad

Once you’ve completed the diving lesson programme, you can advance to your local diving club. It’s here that you’ll work on the skills you picked up during your lessons and you’ll even get the opportunity to work towards your first local competitions.

Diving Mighty Minis

Mighty Minis is the first step on the Squad pathway, where you’re taught the fundamentals with even more attention to detail. From here you can then progress further up the diving ladder, potentially all the way to the top!

Diving Development

Once you reach this stage, your diving skills have reached the point where you’re working towards taking part in regional and national skills level competitions.

Diving Development 2

If you have reached this squad, then you’ll be taking part in regional and national age group competitions.

Diving Elite Development

Here, things begin to get a little more serious. Once you’ve reached this stage, you should be looking to be taking part in Talent Games and National level events.

Diving Talent Squad

This is one step further on from the elite development squad. Here, you’ll be learning all sorts of new tricks in order to prepare you to take on the best from around the country in Talent Games, but also to prepare you to progress to the next stage of the Diving Squad programme.

Diving Elite National Squad

If you’re in this squad, then you’ll be working hard to make sure you’re prepared to take on whatever’s thrown at you at Junior Elite Championships.

National Squad

Divers in this squad are working hard to make sure they’re ready for national age group competitions.

Diving High Performance

This is the very peak of the diving pyramid. Once you’ve reached this squad, you’re travelling the world, taking on the very best in international competitions. You could even be featuring in the Olympics and the World Championships!