Football Classes with Everyone Active

Everyone Active Soccer Skills programme takes your child through seven levels of progression. These football classes focus on developing shooting, passing, dribbling, turning, control and heading through each level. Our football programme starts at just two years old with progression through to 11 years old.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the the different stages and age groups that encompass the Soccer Skills programme. From this, you’ll be able to make a more informed choice about which level your child will benefit the most from. Although we’ve assigned ages to each stage, these are just a guide. We’ll always put kids in the right group based on their ability.

Star Awards

(2-4 years)

This is the first introduction to football. The focus will be put on introducing motor skills and developing balance and co-ordination while introducing the basic football skills. By the end of the Star Awards, your child will have learned to shoot by striking the ball with any part of their foot. They will also have mastered dribbling between cones and be able to stop the ball and turning.

Level 1

(5-7 years)

To complete Level 1, children will have to display being able to shoot with their laces and standing foot planted, as well as use a controlled pass to a partner five yards away. They’ll also learn ball control with the inside of their foot and be able to throw a ball five yards from behind their head.

Level 2

(5-7 years)

Level 2 moves your child onto being able to strike a ball towards a target, as well as demonstrate a one touch pass. They’ll also control a ball with an inside step from a pass 10 yards away and be able to demonstrate a two touch turn around a cone.

Level 3

(5-7 years)

To pass Level 3, your child must be able to strike a ball with controlled power using the laces, as well as demonstrate a one touch pass using either foot to a partner. They must also be able to zig-zag in and out of cones while controlling the ball and head back a ball to a partner five yards away from an underarm throw.

Level 4

(8-11 years)

Level 4 of Everyone Active’s football class programme incorporates a number of the skills learned through 1-3 into one skill. Your child must demonstrate control of the ball using the instep of the foot and striking the ball with the laces with the second touch. They must also pass from 10 yards away and score a goal with accuracy and power.

To pass they must also be able to control a 5 yard pass with the correct technique, dribble through 15 yards of cones in straight line keeping close control, completing the drill with a strike of goal using the laces of the foot. Finally, they should be able to control of the ball with the outside of the foot from a 10 yard pass, showing the technique of moving the ball away from the body with the control.

Level 5

(8-11 years)

Moving onto Level 5 increases with developing technique and control of the ball. There’s also a particular focus on control of the ball while dribbling. Players must demonstrate dribbling within a 20×20 area using both feet with a variety of turns to change direction.
The player mustn’t lose control of the ball within the area. They should also be able to demonstrate a touch control from a partner around a cone with the second touch to pass the ball back to their partner.

Level 6

(8-11 years)

In the final level of Everyone Active’s football classes, the focus further developing on technique and increased level of difficulties in the skills taught. The player must demonstrate a half volley strike from a 10 yard crossed pass, from which they must score with accuracy and power.

With a partner, they must demonstrate a controlled chipped pass, dribble using both feet performing four step overs and demonstrate a Cruyff turn. They must also be able to demonstrate a square pass to a partner and head the ball away from goal area from a chipped cross using the defensive technique.