Check out our School Sports Day hacks

Every year we all go to our kids’ school sports day kidding ourselves that the only reason we’re going is to support the children. We all know that’s wrong. The reason we go is for the parents’ race. Specifically, to win the parents’ race. But how do you train for it? How do you get in the best shape possible?

Well, you could just head to your local Everyone Active gym and start working out or maybe take part in a few group exercise classes. Perhaps you can get in the pool and get swimming? Maybe you can try all three?

Trained by the Kids for Sports Day

Alternatively, you could seek advice from those for whom sports day is ostensibly targeted – the kids themselves. Here you can see just how hard a taskmaster those kids can be.

Ordering their parents around, forcing them to do press-ups while sitting on their backs and despairing at their parents’ frankly pathetic attempts at, for example training for the sack race, the trail of broken eggs that were left in the wake of the practice egg and spoon race and so much more. There were even attempts to get the diet back on track. Clearly these adults have a lot to learn before the big school sports day.

If you can’t beat them, CHEAT!

Now, we’re not necessarily condoning any ‘creative’ interpretations of the rule book here, but sometimes needs must. If you haven’t had time to train properly for your school sports day race, or you’ve just discovered this vital how-to a little bit too late, then there are a couple of tricks you can employ to help get you an advantage at your kids’ school sports day.

Parents’ Sack Race

  • Sneakily cut a couple of small holes in the bottom of the sack so instead of hopping, you’re running – making victory a sure thing, but at what cost?

Parents’ Egg & Spoon Race

  • The first thing you need to do is to surreptitiously superglue the egg to the spoon. This will make everything much more stable, allowing you travel much more quickly and making you a shoe-in for the race.

Once again, we want to make it plain that these suggestions are not recommended and, if you’re going to try them, DON’T GET CAUGHT!

Most of all, however, when it come to your kids’ school sports days, just make sure both they and you have a fantastic time getting active and good luck in those parents’ races!