10 Trion Arm Exercises to add to Your Workout

There are certain sections of the body which are more noticeable than others. It could, however, be argued that the arms are the most visible. Sporting a fit set of biceps and triceps will undoubtedly turn heads either at the gym or on the beach. Either way, ignoring your “guns” is never a good idea. That’s why we’ve come up with these 10 Trion arm exercises.

Aesthetics aside, strong arms will aid in countless other exercises and they may even help prevent injuries. Thanks to the sheer number of movements you can choose from, targeting this area of the body shouldn’t present a problem. Let’s therefore quickly examine ten exercises (five for biceps and five for triceps) as well as the benefits of each.


Everyone wants ripped guns, right? Check out these five Trion arm exercises that will help give you those bulging biceps.

Spider Curls (Dumbbell and Barbell)

Spider curls are unique in the fact that at the extension of the movement, your arms will be nearly perpendicular to the floor. This places a greater amount of strain upon the long head of the bicep muscle as well as where it inserts into the forearm. These curls are also great if you have been hoping to achieve that vaunted “peak” associated with icons such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman. Spider Curls are relatively safe exercises and they can be performed with both barbells and dumbbells.

Standing Curls

This most well-known bicep work out is another of our essential Trion arm exercises. This is due to its ability to target both the long and short heads of the muscle. It’s also possible to perform “cheat” curls in order to achieve the maximum level of fatigue during a training session. While some perform curls with a straight bar, many prefer a French (curved) bar as this will put less strain on your wrists and forearms. To isolate these muscles even more, place your back against the wall in order to ensure that you are not utilising momentum to swing the weight up.

Alternating One-Arm Curls

One benefit of these curls is that you can focus upon each arm when using dumbbells. Alternating one-arm curls are therefore excellent options if one of your biceps seems to be stronger than the other. Turning your wrist in towards your body at the peak of the curl (known as supination) will likewise enable your biceps to contract to a greater extent when compared to traditional barbell curls. These arm exercises are an absolutely essential addition to any workout routine.

Preacher Curls

If you have been looking for isolation, preacher curls (sometimes known as Scott curls) will represent a dream come true in terms of arm exercises. These are often employed at the end of a workout after the muscle has already been progressively overloaded. Preacher curls will help grow the main bodies of your biceps; increasing their peak when viewed from the front and the side. While it is always possible to max out when performing these Trion arm exercises, higher repetitions may be better if you’d prefer to achieve a phenomenal pump.

Cable Hammer Curls

The final bicep workouts on this list of Trion arm exercises are Hammer curls. These are employed by those who wish to develop the outer head of their biceps (that which is visible when viewed from the side). They also help to lengthen the muscle and as an ancillary benefit, help strengthen your forearm muscles (the pronator teres and the flexor carpi ulanris). When performed with cables, you can twist your arms out to the side at the peak (the concentric) phase of the movement.

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When you’re doing arm exercises, it’s important to balance things by working out the triceps as well as the biceps, otherwise you’re more likely to injure yourself and you’ll get more out of your workout too!

Diamond Push-Ups

One excellent Trion arm exercise which can be performed from the comfort of your home is the traditional diamond push-up. Not only do these place a significant amount of stress upon the triceps, but they help to strengthen your core muscles. Diamond push-ups can be used as a warm-up exercise or employed to push to failure at the end of a session.

Close-Grip Bench Presses

These are actually similar to diamond push-ups in regard to the basic movement. You can, however, place a significant amount of weight upon the bar if you happen to be training for muscle mass. Close-grip bench presses also work the inner pectorals, so these Trion arm exercises may be incorporated into a standard chest workout. As your hands are not wider than your shoulders, you will not be placing an undue amount of strain upon the rotator cuff and outer deltoids.

Skull Crushers

If the term “skull crusher” does not sit well with you, this next movement can always be referred to as a laying triceps extension. This movement places a greater focus upon the lower head of the muscle (where it attaches to the elbow). Extensions will provide your arms with a “fuller” appearance and these are excellent if your triceps seem to be lagging behind in terms of development. However, keep in mind that these exercises should be performed strictly to avoid straining your neck or upper back. You can likewise use a partner if you are keen to work past the point of failure. Light to moderate weight is recommended.


Kickbacks are one of the most traditional arm exercises and they are great ways to max out during any training session. The majority of these movements focus upon the upper head of the triceps (sometimes called the horseshoe) and they are arguably one of the best muscle mass-building movements in existence. Higher repetitions can likewise be used if you wish to focus more upon definition.


Push-downs are right up there with kickbacks in terms of a “meat-and-potatoes” training session, only these are arm exercises, rather than a leg workout. Push-downs can be used with extremely heavy weights, so these tend to be performed early during a workout when your muscles still have an ample amount of energy. While push-downs work the entire muscle, you can reverse your grip if you wish to target the lower head of the triceps.

All in a Single Package

The biceps and triceps muscles enjoy a hand-in-hand relationship. While it is indeed true that the triceps occupy (approximately) two-thirds of the mass of your upper arms, the biceps are just as important if you wish to achieve an aesthetically balanced appearance. Be sure to take a look at these and other movements found within your Trion exercise guide in order to appreciate the finer points.