3 Reasons Circuits Classes are a top Workout

Circuits classes are some of the most well-rounded group fitness classes available. Circuit training is a fantastic whole-body exercise that are almost guaranteed to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether that’s to lose weight, get fitter, build muscle, toning up and general conditioning. In a circuits class, you move round the room in small groups trying different exercises and activities for short periods of time, taking on cardio, resistance and strength training activities at various stations.

1. You can take Circuits Classes at Your own Pace

They’re also fantastically democratic, allowing you to take the class at your own pace, regardless of your fitness level, while you also get to try a variety of different exercises, helping ensure that you don’t get too bored doing just one exercise or type of exercise across the whole duration of a class.

Additionally, you get to decide how hard you fancy working. If you’re at a station where you find the exercise particularly difficult, you can take it a little bit easier until you get the hang of it, whereas if it’s something you’re more confident about, you can push yourself a little bit harder. You don’t have to work out in sync with the beat of the music, or complete a set number of reps at each station, either, giving you complete control of your workout – the instructor’s only there to give help if you need it and help keep you motivated.

2. Circuits Classes are Sociable

It’s also a fairly sociable experience. As you exercise at each station in small groups, it’s a great way to spend time with your friends, or to get out and about and meet new people. This is a great way to stay motivated, while the highly-trained instructors are also there to help keep you motivated and on track to achieve your fitness goals.

3. Circuits Classes Occur Regularly

Another key benefit of the circuits class is how regular they are. Booking yourself into a class such as this means you’re 75% more likely to attend than giving it a miss. We all have days when we just don’t fancy it, but if you book in and make it part of your weekly routine, you’re far more likely to keep going, and, therefore much more likely to hit your targets.

To give a circuits class a go and you’re a member, book a class now. Alternatively, find your nearest centre.