Dance Yourself fit With Everyone Active

Here at Everyone Active, we offer a variety of dance classes across our 160+ centres found all over the country. These are designed to suit people of all tastes, ages and abilities, so whether you want something that’s fast and intense that’ll really get you sweating, or something a little gentler, you’re sure to find the perfect class for you. Here, you’ll find details of all the different dance classes we have on offer.

Dance Fitness

These classes will help you get fit through the medium of dance. You’ll learn all the classics like the jive, the waltz, the samba, the foxtrot and the cha cha cha and mixes with other traditional high and low aerobics moves. this workout will help get you fit, but it’ll also work wonders for your rhythm too.


Designed by Strictly Come Dancing stars Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite, as well as six-time world champion swimmer Mark Foster and a group of top health and fitness professionals, Fitsteps is a unique dance and fitness programme that will help you get fit fast. The class combines familiar and well-loved Latin and ballroom techniques, along with proven fitness techniques.

Just Jhoom!

Meaning ‘Just Dance! Just Jhoom is a fantastic way to get fit, the Bollywood way. Fun, energetic and completely tongue-in-cheek, these sessions draw from a range of different dance styles, including classical Indian and bhangra, alongside elements of jazz, hip-hop and jive.

Modern Jive

This class, which teaches choreographed routines, set to fast, motivational music is a fantastic way to dance your way to fitness.

Strictly Ballroom

In this class, you’ll have fun – and get fit – learning to dance like professionals. You don’t need to bring a partner, either – you’ll get paired up on the night.

Urban Funk

Unlock your dancing potential with this fun-filled class teaching high-energy choreography set to the latest dance music.


Get fit fast thanks to this hot, hip-swivelling workout, where African, Caribbean and Latin dance steps are combined with aerobic movements.

ZumbAtomic ™

Designed for children aged from four to 12 years old, these classes aim to increase focus and self-confidence, boost the metabolism and improve co-ordination.

Zumba Gold ™

Enjoy a tamer version of Zumba in this class, which modifies the moves and pacing to suit the needs of our active older participants as well as those just starting their journey to fitness and a healthier lifestyle.