Top Tips for Exercising while on Holiday

Are you going on holiday soon and worried about interrupting your regular exercise programme? Think you’ll relapse and lose motivation for when you get back? Then follow our top tips to help you keep fit while you’re away, but still enjoy your holiday.

Don’t Forget you’re on Holiday

Unless you’re embarking on a training camp or warm weather training, remember it’s a holiday! Don’t overdo it and don’t try to do too much. You should aim to simply maintain your fitness rather than improve it. Trying to cram too much in may result in an injury.

Stay safe in the sun

If you are holidaying in a warmer climate, remember to take this in to account when exercising. Aim to work out at the beginning or end of the day to avoid the worst of the heat, keep well hydrated and wear sun screen if you are exercising outside.

Try new Things

Try something new. Swim in the hotel pool, walk up the local hills or mountains or use the hotel gym. Have a complete break from your normal routine, that way you’ll enjoy your normal workout more when you get back.

Stay Safe on Holiday

If you enjoy running, then pack your running shoes. You will find it far easier running early in the morning in a sunny climate then when at home. Explore your local area, but make sure you stay safe and don’t stray too far from the beaten track.

Take Light Equipment with you

Pack some portable exercise equipment. Resistance bands, a skipping rope, or a suspension trainer are light and portable and will tuck away in your suitcase. Plan in 20 minutes a day to stay in shape.

Keep an eye on your diet

Consider your food choices. While the temptation will be to eat what you want when you want, take a look at the local dishes and use the holiday to try some of the more healthy dishes local to the area that you may never have tried before.