How to Improve Your Outdoor Running

Whether you’re new to running or you’ve been at it for years, here are a few ideas and tips to help keep you motivated and challenged on your runs.

Hill Sessions

A fantastic way to improve running speed, power, stamina and brilliant if you are short on time.  Hill training can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Simple sprints up and down a hill, changing the speed and distance you run up the hill along with how many times. These only need to be short sessions; 20-30 minutes max.
  • Hilly route. Plan a run with includes several hills or a short 1km loop which will repeat the hill. Aim to run faster up the hills

Speed Work

Another great option if you are short on time. These types of session will help increase stamina and improve race speed.  Sprint work can be done during your normal run using time or distance or it can be done over a set distance then jogging back to the start as your recovery.

Cross Train

Running creates a lot of impact through the body particularly on the knees. Try to mix up running plans with another type of training such as cycling or circuit training.  Do not underestimate the power of core exercises to improve running technique and stamina.

Junk Miles

It’s easy to think that to improve distance and fitness you need to hit the road for miles and miles to build up. However, this can be detrimental to running performance and often referred to as junk miles.

Yes, building stamina and endurance when running is essential, but doing too many long runs can lead to over training, injury and running fatigue. Using hill, speed and cross training sessions within your running plan will help you improve millage and time more efficiently.

Let it be an opportunity to de-stress not just a chore – sometimes it’s great just to get out for a run with no set time or distance and just enjoy the freedom and head space which is sometimes needed!