Home Workouts to try with a Partner

If you’re stuck at home with someone else and are struggling to think of new workout ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a programme of exercises that you and a partner can do together to help you get more out of the workout. It’ll help you enjoy exercising more, as well as helping keep you motivated.

We’ve come up with five exercises that you and your partner can do together. Let us know how you get on via our social media channels. Don’t forget to warm up properly before starting any workout. Try some

Partner Push-ups

Start in the push-up position. Your hands should be on the floor, directly beneath your shoulders balancing on your toes. Make sure you keep your back and legs straight though!

Lower yourself as close to the floor as possible and push yourself back up to the start position. Do around eight repetitions for one set. Repeat for two-to-three sets.

How to add a partner: There are several variations that will depend on your strength and the weight of your partner.


Have your partner standing over you (legs either side of your body) and apply a small amount of pressure onto your back throughout the motion.


Your partner adopts a push-up position themselves, except their push-up position is over yours. This means they have their hands on your shoulders, and legs out to either side of your legs


This is a tricky one! Have your partner lie completely on top of you as you perform your push-up.

Partner Rows

Start by lying on the floor. Have your partner standing wide-legged over you at around your chest level gripping each other’s forearms.

Ensure your entire body is straight, as you pull yourself up as high as you can. Make sure you keep your elbows out either side of your body (they should look like they would at the bottom point of your push up). Perform this motion for a total of eight-to-12 repetitions to complete one set.

Partner Squats

Begin back-to-back with your partner. Interlock your arms for extra stability. Leaning against one another’s backs, shuffle your legs forward a couple of feet (far enough forward so when you go down you are in a seated position).

Co-ordinate with your partner, so that you both lower yourselves into a seated position at the same time. Make sure you lower yourselves into position slowly, over a count of four. Once in position, hold for a count of two before pushing back up at the same time to the start position. Repeat this movement 16-20 times to complete a set. Rest for 60 – 90 seconds, then complete a further two-to-three sets.

Donkey Calf Raises

Head over to your stairs and stand yourself up on the first, ground-floor step; ensuring your heels are over the ledge of the step, so that you can drop them lower than the balls of your feet. Lean yourself forwards and place your hands on one of the steps in front of you, for some added stability. If you feel strong enough, pick your partner up in a piggy back, so they are seated just above your bum.

Lower your heels below the ledge of the step as far as you can over a count of four. Hold at the bottom for a count of two. Then, raise them up as high as you possibly can, so that you are on your tiptoes.

Race to Hug

Start in an alternate hug position with your partner. So that each of you has one arm underneath the arm of the other, and one arm over the other’s arm.

Keep as close together as possible. The aim of the game is to get both of your arms underneath your partner’s arms, so that you can give them a big bear hug squeeze and lift them up slightly. Keep count of each time you win. Whoever wins the most times over a three minute period, wins the challenge.