Train for a Triathlon with Everyone Active

Competing in a triathlon is a fantastic way to build your overall fitness, as its three disciplines work different muscle groups, as well as building strength stamina. With the event consisting of a swim, a cycle and a run, completing a triathlon is physically demanding but offers a great sense of achievement. Preparing for an upcoming event gives you something to work towards, and the three disciplines to practice for means your training will always be varied.

If you are interested in completing a triathlon, speak to a personal trainer at any one of our gyms, who will be able to help you plan a training programme. No matter your ability, it may also be worth taking swimming lessons to help improve your technique and speed in the water ready for the swimming part of the event.

Triathlons can be completed over a range of distances, and there are many events designed to encourage people starting out in the sport. To find a triathlon club in your area, and for a list of upcoming races, visit

If you would like to book sessions with a personal trainer, click here. To enquire about our one-to-one swimming lessons, which will help improve your stroke and speed in the water, click here.