How do One-to-One Swimming Lessons Work?

Although group swimming lessons are fantastic, sometimes they don’t quite fit your needs and this is where our one-to-one sessions come in.

Just like our award-winning group swimming lessons, they follow Swim England’s Learn to Swim framework and cover all the (LTSF) stages. Alternatively, if you want to work on a specific stroke, or are training for an event, then these one-to-one sessions can help you master certain elements of technique quickly and without any dilution in instruction.

Available to all

These sessions are open to swimmers of all ages and abilities, for children of all ages and for both experienced swimmers and those who are completely new to it. Sessions are led by the same teachers that host our group sessions, so they’re all DBS checked and qualified to Swim England’s (or equivalent) standards, so you know the quality of instruction is going to be nothing short of the best.

One-to-one classes are generally 30 minutes in duration, depending on what you’re working on, the teachers’s time table and the pool’s availability and you can work on anything from a personalised programme to working towards the same stages – and the associated awards – as the group lessons follow. Although they are ‘one-to-one’ sessions, they can be run with up to two pupils, giving a happy medium between the undivided attention of a personal teacher and the more social atmosphere of a group session. It also allows the cost per pupil to be reduced slightly, without much of an impact on their speed of learning.

Variety of stages

There are 11 of these stages in total ranging from an initial introduction to the very basics of swimming all the way up to advanced strokes and preparing for competition.


Upon completion, each stage includes a Swim England-accredited award, as well as a badge for managing to swim a specific distance. Meanwhile, swimmers can also take advantage of our Sports Passport, which keeps parents – and the children themselves – up-to-date with their progress and rewards them with online games for each time they manage to complete a stage.

To find out more about one-to-one swimming lessons at your local centre, give them a call or pop in and have a chat about availability and timetables.

Feeling Inspired?

It’s never been easier to join our award-winning lessons. From children as young as three months old to adults of all ages, everyone can benefit from developing their skills and confidence in the water. Join online today and see where your journey can take you.