Dive into Adult Swimming Lessons

A woman from Ryedale is hoping to inspire others to learn how to swim, regardless of their age, after beginning her swim lessons at a local leisure centre at 72 years old.

One in five adults in the UK cannot swim and Everyone Active offers a number of swimming courses for adults across all of its leisure centres in an effort to improve these statistics.

No Swim Lessons as a Child

Ann Bannister never learnt how to swim as a youngster, and after being thrown in the deep end of her local pool as a teenager developed an all-encompassing fear of going out her depth in the water.

Determined to not let her fear of the water hold her back from learning how to swim, Ann visited her local leisure centre – Everyone Active’s Ryedale Swim and Fitness Centre.

Much More Confident Swimmer

With the help and support of Everyone Active’s swim teachers, Adam Kendrew and Sam Calvert, Ann has overcome her fear of being out of her depth in the water and is now able to confidently swim 26 lengths.

“When I turned 72, I decided that I wanted to take on a new challenge. I have always been active, and I regularly take part in 10k charity runs, but I had never learnt how to swim. I was determined to continue to challenge myself and stay active, so I wanted to learn how to swim.” Ann explains. “Before I joined Adam’s class I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect.”


“When I attended my first lesson and was joined by other adults I soon felt at ease. Adam really took the time to talk me through each step, and week by week my confidence grew.” Ann continues.


“Learning how to swim is one of the best decision I have ever made, two years later at 74, I am fitter than ever. I would encourage anyone who is looking to learn how to swim, not matter what their age, to visit Ryedale Swim and Fitness Centre and find out more about their fantastic swim lessons.” Ann said.

Feeling Inspired?

It’s never been easier to join our award-winning lessons. From children as young as three months old to adults of all ages, everyone can benefit from developing their skills and confidence in the water. Join online today and see where your journey can take you.