Which Speciality Group Fitness Class is right for you?

Everyone Active leisure centres offer a vast and varied programme of fun speciality group fitness classes led by visiting experts. Such is the variety of group fitness classes we offer, you’re sure to find one that suits you and will help you achieve your fitness goals. Take a look at the descriptions of our fitness classes below and decide which will suit you the most.

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Ballroom dance

Get fit while having fun learning classic dances including the salsa, the tango, the waltz, the cha cha, the samba and the rumba. There is no need to bring a partner, and beginners are welcome.

Ballroom Blitz

Learn five classic dance styles including the quickstep, the foxtrot and the jive in this fun fitness class. This class is suitable for all levels and you don’t need to bring a partner either.

Belly dancing

Burn calories, tone up and mobilise your joints in this class combining traditional Egyptian dance with modern fusion.

Body Jam™

Get a good cardio workout while expressing yourself through dance in this addictive, 55-minute class fusing the latest dance styles and hottest new sounds.

Body Vive™

Get an energy boost while working out your whole body in this low-impact class set to music, which will use VIVEballs, VIVEtubes and your own body weight to boost your fitness and core strength.


Enjoy a fantastic dance-based workout that is similar to Zumba, suitable for all ages, great fun and easy to learn by trying the new dance and fitness craze sweeping the country.


Put a smile on your face by taking part in this freestyle dance class, which will tone your whole body and burn calories.


Tone your upper body and increase your strength and stamina with this fun, non-contact martial arts-based fitness session focusing on boxing moves in a circuit format. This class provides a great workout for all fitness levels.


Tone your upper body and increase your strength and stamina with this fun, non-contact martial arts-based fitness session focusing on boxing moves in a circuit format. This class provides a great workout for all fitness levels.

Buggy Fitness

Get active and meet other mums while enjoying a whole-body workout that incorporates your baby in his or her buggy. This class is taught by a qualified pre and post-natal exercise instructor and all you need to take part is a buggy (and your baby!) and some trainers.


Enjoy a gentle workout while sitting or standing, using a chair for support. This class could particularly suit you if you are less mobile, have joint problems or injuries, or use a wheelchair.

Dance Fitness

Dance your way to fitness by learning classics including the cha cha, the samba, the jive, the waltz and the foxtrot in this fun workout which mixes dance steps with traditional high-low aerobics moves.


Get fit fast with this unique dance and fitness programme designed by ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ stars Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite, six-time world champion swimmer Mark Foster and a group of top health and fitness professionals. This class combines well-known and loved Latin and ballroom dances and proven fitness techniques.

Forever Fit/Evergreens/Second Youth 50+

A fun, low-intensity session for those aged over 50. These sessions will vary from centre to centre and include a variety of different activities, depending on which centre you’re visiting.

Group Suspension Training

Improve your energy levels and enhance your body shape with this FKPro suspended body weight training class, which uses your body weight and the forces of gravity to get you fit. These sessions are suitable for all ages and ability levels.

Group ViPR

Enjoy a whole-body training workout which brings fitness out of the gym and applies it to everyday life.


Get the maximum workout in the minimum amount of time thanks to our High-Intensity Interval Training sessions.


Tone and strengthen your entire body by employing the core training principles of Judo in this exciting, high-energy cardiovascular workout.

Just Jhoom!

Get fit the Bollywood way with this fun, energetic, tongue-in-cheek workout. Meaning ‘Just Dance!’, this session draws on a range of dance styles from classical Indian to bhangra, with dashes of hip-hop, jive and jazz.


Enjoy a total body workout using the latest in fitness equipment, the Kettlebell. This small, bell-shaped weight will help tone and strengthen your body, thanks to movements designed to work muscles you didn’t know you had.

Les Mills GRIT ™ Cardio

Continue to burn fat for hours after you exercise in this session which is designed to put your metabolism into overdrive. These sessions combine high-impact body weight exercise with an explosive workout.

Les Mills GRIT ™ Plyo

Get a lean, athletic shape, increase your muscular endurance, improve your energy and increase your stamina through power agility training. These sessions employ the principles of plyometrics, using a bench to help you build power, increase speed and improve leg strength.

Les Mills GRIT ™ Strength

Employing these 30-minute, high-intensity interval training exercises will help you burn fat and get a more athletic body shape. They use the plyometric principles, along with bar bells, weight plates and your own bodyweight to help blast all the major muscle groups. Specially-trained instructors help keep you motivated, along with pumping music.

Line dancing

Enjoy learning to dance, country and western style, in these sessions, which are suitable for people of all abilities.

Mega Mix

Burn calories and tone your body in this great workout session, which combines aerobics, step and conditioning in one intensive speciality group fitness class.


Learn how to defend yourself in this mixed martial arts class, which combines techniques and training drills from combat sports including kickboxing, boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling and Jiu Jitsu.

Modern Jive

Dance your way to fitness in this fun class which teaches choreographed routines set to fast, motivational music.

Pole fitness

Enjoy a full-body workout that’s also great fun in this speciality group fitness class.

Power Chi Yoga

Stretch away stress, fight fatigue, and tone, shape and strengthen every muscle in your body with this powerful, emotive and uplifting form of yoga.

Pump FX

Change your body shape, tone and strengthen your muscles, and increase the rate you burn calories (even when you are resting) with this resistance-based workout, which uses a barbell and hand weights.


Enjoy a fun-filled fusion of aerobics and Latin American dance in this low-impact speciality group fitness class that is suitable for all abilities. There is no need to bring a partner.

Senior Circuits

Get a whole body workout in this enjoyable, low-intensity session, which includes mobility and warm-up exercises, aerobics moves and movements designed to work both the upper and lower body, as well as a relaxation time at the end.

Strictly Ballroom

Have fun learning to dance like the professionals. You don’t need to bring a partner, either


Transform your body using just your own weight in these drop-in, progressive group fitness classes that cater for all ability levels from beginners to advanced.

Urban Funk

Unlock your dancing potential with this fun-filled speciality group fitness class teaching high-energy choreography set to the latest dance music.

Walking club

Burn calories on a brisk, instructor-led outdoors walk that is suitable for all ability levels.

Zumba Gold ™

Enjoy a tamer version of Zumba in this class, which modifies the moves and pacing to suit the needs of our active older participants as well as those just starting their journey to fitness and a healthier lifestyle.


Get fit fast thanks to this hot, hip-swivelling workout, where African, Caribbean and Latin dance steps are combined with aerobic movements.

ZumbAtomic ™

Designed for children aged from four to 12 years old, these speciality group fitness classes aim to increase focus and self-confidence, boost the metabolism and improve co-ordination.

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