6 Slam Ball Exercises for Your Workout

Slam balls are rubber-coated balls that contain a mass inside them to stop them from bouncing. They’re often used to help improve muscle endurance, cardiovascular endurance, as well as explosive power. Here, Everyone Active’s Master Trainer demonstrates six brilliant slam ball exercises to help you get the most from your workouts.

Slam ball exercises are fantastically versatile, being great for working your arms, pectorals and your core, as well as your legs, as well as helping your cardio fitness. It’s important to remember, however, that you only ever use a slam ball on the correct surface to avoid damaging the floor.

In this video, Sue demonstrates six slam ball exercises, all of which are great for helping you achieve an all-over body workout.

Six Slam Ball Exercises

  • Overhead Slam


This exercise involves lifting the slam ball above your head and throwing it to the ground with both arms. This involves two exercises, doing the over head slam from both the standing and kneeling position.

Benefits of the Overhead Slam

The overhead slam is great for building muscle endurance and explosive power as well, especially in the chest and shoulder areas. It also works the core area too.

  • Rainbow Slam


This exercise is similar to the standard overhead slam, but it involves twisting at the waist and slamming the ball down either side of you.

Benefits of the Rainbow Slam

Similar to the over head slam, the Rainbow slam helps you build muscle endurance and strength through your chest and shoulders, but it also helps the core too, thanks to the twisting motion that has been incorporated into the exercise, while it’s also great for cardiovascular fitness as well.

  • Split-leg Lunge Slam


As opposed tot he first two exercises here, which involved having your feet in line with both one another and your shoulders, this one requires you to stand in the lunge position, one leg in front of the other. You then lift the slam ball above your head and throw it down either side of you, in-between your front foot and your back foot, switching legs between each slam.

Benefits of the Split-leg Lunge Slam

Like all slam ball exercises, the split-leg lunge slam is great for muscle endurance and explosive power, while the quick leg movements make it great for cardiovascular fitness too.

  • Double Bore Chest Slam


Hold the ball in front of your chest, with your elbows sticking out either side of you and throw the ball to the floor, fully extending your arms and using your hands to control the direction of the ball.

Benefits of the Double Bore Chest Slam

Again, this exercise is all about improving upper body explosive power – especially in your upper arms and chest, while it’s also great for cardio fitness.

  • Single arm Chest Press Slam


This is similar to the double bore chest slam as described above, but involves more rotation, engages more of your core and a little more full body movement. You pick the ball up with both hands, hold it against one of your holders and throw in front of you, swapping sides each time, using the same arm against which shoulder you are holding the ball to propel the ball towards the ground.

Benefits of the Single arm Chest Press Slam

As mentioned above, this exercise engages more of your core and is more of a whole-body workout than some of the other exercises described here.

  • Overhead Slam With Plank


This is identical to the overhead slam detailed previously, except that it incorporates a plank into the bargain. So, lift the slam ball above your head and throw it directly in front of you. them, immediately go into a plank, keeping your back and legs straight and in line with one another, balancing your hand on the slam ball itself. If this feels too unstable, or you’re not comfortable with it, then balance your hands either side of the ball. Repeat as many times as you can

Benefits of the Overhead Slam With Plank

Again, this exercise incorporates working the muscles in your arms, shoulders and chest; improving muscle endurance and power. Meanwhile, the plank element to the workout is great for strengthening your core and improving stability throughout your body.

So, next time you’re in the gym and fancy giving the slam balls a go, why not integrate these fantastic exercises into your workout routine?

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