The Fitness Benefits of a Rowing Machine

The humble rowing machine is a stalwart of pretty much any gym and using one should be an integral part of most people’s workout regime.

But what are the precise benefits of using a rowing machine beyond helping to improve your cardio fitness? Keep reading to find out more

10 Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

The truth is that there are absolutely loads of benefits to incorporating the rowing machine into your regular workout regime. Among others, it’s great cardio exercise, really low impact and can help improve muscle strength too. Keep reading to discover more about the benefits of using a rowing machine.

Rowing is Great for Burning Calories

If you’re looking to effectively burn calories, then hopping on the rowing machine is a great place to start. The average person will burn about 600 calories per hour on a rowing machine, significantly more than on a treadmill or even an exercise bike. This is largely because it’s such a great whole-body workout, working the arms and torso as well as the legs. Naturally, this makes it an ideal exercise for helping people lose weight if they feel they need to.

It’s a Fantastic Whole-Body Exercise

Continuing on that theme, it’s really important that your exercise regime is balance – that you don’t concentrate on one area at the expense of another – and rowing is great for that. As mentioned earlier, it works your arms, legs and torso, meaning you’ll build up strength and muscle endurance in each of these areas equally.

Effective Cardio Workout

A vigorous session on a rowing machine at the gym or at home is a vital part of any cardiovascular exercise regime. Precisely because it works the whole body, rowing is perfect for raising the heart rate and increasing oxygen intake, thereby helping improve stamina and generic cardio fitness.

Low Impact Exercise

Compared with running – either on road or on a treadmill – a rowing machine puts much less stress on your joints, including your knees and ankles. This is because you’re not putting your whole bodyweight through them like you are when you go for a run. As a result, you get all the benefits of a vigorous work out without many of the drawbacks. These include sore ankles and knees, while the low-impact nature of the workout reduces your risk of injury.

Rowing Machines are Easy to use

Some gym equipment can look a little intimidating and the plethora of different programmes and settings on certain pieces of kit can get confusing. Rowing machines are, however, really simple to use. You just set your distance and the resistance and you’re ready to go. It is important you use proper technique, however, to ensure you get the most from your exercise routine. Keep your back straight, your core engaged and row in a smooth, fluid motion.

It’ll Strengthen Several Major Muscle Groups at Once

The whole body nature of rowing machine exercise means that you’ll build up strength in a number of different muscle groups simultaneously. Rowing is not just for improving your cardiovascular fitness, but it can help build muscle mass, as well as sculpt and tone too. It’s particularly good for your shoulders, arms and back muscles, as well as your hamstrings and your glutes.

Great for Burning Unwanted fat

Rowing works your upper back hard and some hormonal issues can lead to fat accumulating across your upper back. Rowing is a great way to reduce this, thanks to the way it works the muscles across your upper back. As well as this area, rowing is a great exercise for burning unwanted fat from the rest of your body. This includes your chest, legs, glutes and belly.

A Healthier Body

Exercise is well known for helping us get healthier. As we get fitter and lose fat, our organs operate more efficiently and our immune system works better too. This makes us more resistant to disease, while regular exercise is also known to help us sleep better. Sleeping better has a huge range of physical benefits to us, including helping us lose weight.

A Healthier Mind

Just as with our bodies, doing regular exercise – including rowing – has been proven to help with our mental health. Not only is exercise known to improve your general mood thanks to the release of endorphins we all experience during and after exercise, but it is known to have longer-term benefits too. These include all the mental health benefits that you’re likely to experience thanks to the improved sleep you’re likely to be getting as a result of exercising.

Rowing Improves Your Posture

As long as you nail the technique, rowing is brilliant for improving your posture. By keeping your back straight and working the muscles across the top of your shoulders, your posture will improve. This will you look taller and add definition to your lower back, shoulders and upper back.