Benefits of FREE Gym Introduction Sessions

If there’s a particular piece of gym equipment you’re struggling with, or lack confidence in, then why not give our FREE Gym Introduction Sessions a go? These 45-minute sessions can help you gain more confidence on specific pieces of equipment – including cardio, resistance, free weights and functional kit. It’s also a great way to introduce yourself to the fantastic range of group exercise classes we have on offer at our centres.

Gym Introduction Sessions Benefits

Everyone Active’s completely FREE Gym Introduction Sessions bring a plethora of benefits to your exercise regime. For starters, if you’re lacking confidence in a particular element of gym machinery, then a Gym Introduction Session will help improve your knowledge on how best to use those particular pieces of kit. We have Gym Introduction Sessions for cardio equipment, resistance machines, free weights and functional kit, so whatever it is that you’re struggling with, these sessions can really help.

It’s not just improving your confidence with each individual element of the gym’s equipment, however. By having a better, more intimate understanding of how to use the equipment. This will help you use it more efficiently and effectively, thereby helping you to get more out of each workout and consequently helping you reach your goals more quickly.

Meanwhile, the Gym Introduction Sessions can also give you a taste of our huge variety of group exercise classes we have on offer. Still 45 minutes long, these sessions give you access to top-notch equipment and fantastic instructors in a small group environment. This gives you a much clearer idea as to whether or not that particular class is for you.

It’s not just the physical benefits, however. Because we run these sessions in a small group setting, you’re able to meet new people. This gives you the opportunity to make new friends and have people to exercise with in the future – which is always beneficial.

How to Book for FREE

Our FREE Gym Introduction Sessions are easy to book. You can do it via your online profile on our website. Alternatively, you can book a session at your local centre using the Everyone Active mobile App – available on both Android and iOS.