Weightlifting Series – Workout B

Here is Workout B of our Weightlifting Series. I advise alternating this with Workout A. If you missed that one, click here.

Warm-up and mobilise before training, including resistance band shoulder external rotations, thoracic rotations, IYT’s.

  • Legs and back pump work
  • Shoulders, chest and arms performance work
  • Do each exercise x 2 working sets, unless stated
  • Warm-up on each change of body part
  • Have 2-3 minutes rest in-between performance exercises, 1-1.5 minutes rest between pump exercises

Comprehensive all-Over Body Readier

  • Press-ups 20 reps x 1

Giant-setted with

  • Ring inverted rows 20 reps x 1

Giant-setted with

  • Bodyweight squats 30 reps x 1

Shoulders, Chest & Arms

Wall handstands are evil. Simple as. But evil means hardcore and hardcore means muscle gains. Static or isometric contractions have been shown to develop muscle mass and strength and for some, a feeling a high level of intensity is as important as anything in the gym. The pike press is also a very effective exercise and mimics the shoulder press. The drawback is we are limited by range, as the head gets in the way.  Lets do as many reps as possible, which should still be in the hypertrophic range. If you can do a lot more, then you will need to advance this exercise.

  • Wall handstand or pike press AMRAP

It is important to focus on full extension of the elbow, to get everything you can from this one. Slow and controlled to eliminate the bounce from the rubber.

  • Banded press ups 12-15 reps

It is important that we perform this exercise only using extension from the elbows and not adduction of the shoulder joint. We are trying to limit all chest and shoulder involvement. Concentrate on the range of movement and initiate the move from the elbows.

  • Triceps press ups 8-12 reps

Can you get your nose in the diamond, for perfect range of movement? Also focus on the locking the elbows out to get everything you can from this exercise.

  • Diamond press-ups AMRAP

Give this one everything. Isolation work can benefit from higher rep range, and it is a stark contrast to the heavier compound movements we kicked off the session with. Both rep range have benefits for muscle mass and growth.

  • Mini band lateral raises 15-20 reps

Super-setted with

  • Mini band external rotations AMRAP

Giant-setted with

  • Mini band shoulder shapers AMRAP

Focus on range and contraction for optimal performance of this one.

  • Bicep curls 8-12 reps


We are limited by the band’s resistance here, but we should focus on blood volumisation and getting full range through the movement.

  • Banded rows single arm 20-25 reps


I subsequently performed these with the chair a little higher than the point of attachment. As it stopped the band riding up my shin. Focus on full range and getting as such blood to the area as possible.

  • Banded single leg extensions 20-25 reps

The squat is one of, if not the, best exercises on the market. The issue we have here is resistance level. To compensate lets bang out lots of repetitions, as high repletion quad exercises have been shown to stimulate as much muscle as heavier, higher resistance work.

  • Banded squats or 20-30 reps
  • Overhead squats AMRAP

The most deceptively difficult exercise in the whole arsenal here. Keep the butt high, to maintain full extension as you will get the most out of this movement. Dig the heels in hard and make the ground resistance be your friend.

  • Slider hamstring curls 15-20 reps

Shoulder Health

Although not in the video, I thought I would add these exercises into the mix. Joint health is imperative for effective lifting in the gym. The shoulders being the most neglected, or easiest injured. This superset will keep them in top condition, with the dead hang being my favourite exercise for shoulder health. It increases range of movement, strengthens the external rotation and improves grip and forearm strength.

  • Scapula pull-ups 15-20 reps

Super-setted with

  • Dead-hangs 20-30 seconds


  • Anchored banded kneeling ab curls 12-15 reps x 4