Michael Weyman – Sunderland Aquatic Centre

“I used to be really fit and healthy when I was in the army, running ten miles a day, but my activity levels dropped off when I left 20 years ago. My health deteriorated and my waistline expanded.”

As a diabetic who had a heart bypass 10 years ago, 69-year-old Michael Weyman recognised he needed to start looking after his health. He now visits the gym five times a week, follows a hospital diet plan and has lost nearly four and a half stone (so far). He admits he has become a bit of a gym addict as a result.

“I used to hate exercise, but I couldn’t live without going to the gym now and I actually miss it if I don’t go!

“Since going to the gym at the Sunderland Aquatic Centre I have so much more energy. My mental health has also improved, I feel more relaxed and I don’t worry as often. I’m also much more confident because I don’t feel embarrassed about my weight anymore.”

Michael is now looking forward to getting married in the Spring and is training for the Great North Run on his 70th Birthday next year.

“I’d recommend the gym to everyone, you have got to make the effort but it’s worth it. I’m very proud of myself for what I’ve achieved so far, I’ve even managed to reduce my insulin intake by over half due to my weight loss.

“I used to get out of breath when walking in the Welsh hills but recently my grandchildren have to tell me to slow down! I know that I’ll be living longer to see them now, so getting fit and healthy has made a world of difference to me.”

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