Family Fitness Activities For Lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown has led to most of us reassessing our lifestyle and our family fitness goals. This could include anything from weight loss to improving your family’s general health and well-being. Increasing your physical activity levels as a family will help you have more fun together too.

We’ve come up with some brilliant family activity ideas that you can enjoy in lockdown, either at home or while you’re out and about.

The key to swapping the sedentary sofa regimes for healthier, more active habits, is to make sure they’re fun. You also need to make sure everyone in the whole family can take part, regardless of age or fitness level.

1. Family Fitness

Now that the kids are back to home schooling and most of us are back to work, whether that’s working from home, or in a socially distanced workplace, we might make excuses or revert to old habits. We may say we don’t have the time to exercise or to train. But for most of us, family time is something we have learnt to appreciate even more and see as essential.

Why not combine the two? Make fitness and activity a priority and instil a love for exercise in the kids from a young age. This could range from walking more, taking more bike rides and even hosting regular dance parties in the lounge.

2. Walk Everywhere

If it’s safe and you’re fortunate enough to live within walking distance of your child’s school, or can walk to work, then why not do so? Walking regularly helps to improve your sleep and your mood, as well as increasing focus and reducing stress. It’ll also help promote long-term healthy family exercise habits and saves you from getting stuck in the socially distanced school drop off queue/zone and rush hour traffic when the kids are back at school.

You can even extend this to your supermarket shop, particularly if you’re only picking up a few essentials. Use it as an excuse to leave the car at home and walk to the shops. Remember to stay safe and wear your face mask.

family activity

3. Go to the Park

Many of us began exploring our local area and parks during lockdown. We used it was an excuse to take a break from remote working and home-schooling and enjoy some fresh air.

Visiting the park offers a whole host of fitness fun for both kids and adults. Raise your pulse and heart rate by running around playing football or even jumping around the basketball court.

family fitness

4. Bike Ride

Cycling provides a scenic and superb low-impact family fitness workout, meaning you’ll burn around 300 calories an hour as a group. Due to Coronavirus, most local councils have been keen to encourage people not to use public transport wherever possible. Many towns and cities have allocated several additional bike lanes and cycle routes to help keep the public healthy and safe.

To hit the road, all you need is a bike, a helmet and a water bottle.

Depending on where you live, a few rides around your local area should help you all build or maintain your physical fitness. Vary your route as you begin to get more familiar with your neighbourhood.

5. Social Media Session

During lockdown and while our centres were closed, we were helping our members get their exercise fix by hosting a variety of live workouts on our social media pages. Although we have slightly reduced our online schedule since our centres have begun to re-open, we still continue to hold the classes for our members that aren’t quite ready to return to the gym.

Take a look at our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages for some of our family-friendly workouts.

6. Mini-Me Workout

Want to stay active but aren’t quite ready to hit the gym again and are juggling childcare and other priorities? Have a think if there any fitness classes or regimes you particularly enjoy such as BODYPUMP or circuits. You might want to take on the role of the family’s personal trainer and try adapting some of the moves into a child-friendly workout. You can show the kids what it involves and why you like it so much.

family fitness

7. Dance like no-one is Watching

This is one our favourite kids activities, move your furniture aside and let the kids play DJ by turning your living room into your very own dance party. You’ll all have hours of endless family fitness fun, dancing, miming and singing the words to each other’s favourite songs.

You can even draw the curtains and take it in turns flashing a torch to create some cool lighting effects. You might even pick up a move or two from each other!

8. Pick Some Treats

Although this is usually seasonal and may not currently be possible due to social distancing measures and other government guidance – fruit picking is fantastic way to have fun and exercise with family members. You’ll all enjoy a day out in the sunshine (this isn’t guaranteed, however…) sampling delicious fresh fruit. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries should all be able to pick/buy from your local farm shop or picking field.

family fitness

9. Cook up a Storm

Now that the kids are back to school the majority will be switching back to packed lunches school meals. But it’s still important to remind the kids that family fitness and nutrition go hand in hand, especially when staying at home during the evenings and weekends.

Many of us maximised on this by experimenting with new recipes and sampling different ingredients during lockdown. If you this isn’t something you’ve tried already, why not turn into a family activity and get the kids involved – it’s an excellent way to get them excited about eating healthy and trying fresh flavours.

Start by selecting a recipe together and get everyone to help along the way, including with chopping the veg, setting the table and washing up.

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