Benefits of under 5s swimming lessons

Learning to swim is a really important skill for everyone – not just in terms of it being great exercise – but it could well save your life one day too. But in what other ways are swimming lessons beneficial, specifically to children under 5s? Here, we take a deep dive into Everyone Active’s Under 5s swimming lessons programme and take a look at the specific physical, mental and social benefits that young children can enjoy when they start learning to swim with Everyone Active from a young age.

Everyone Active’s Under 5s Swimming Lessons

Here at Everyone Active, our award-winning swimming lessons follow Swim England’s Learn-to-Swim framework This allows children to begin their learn-to-swim journey from as young as four months old. These adult and child lessons begin at four months and go all the way up to 36 months in terms of age and give your child their first experience of water, helping build their confidence through songs and games, as well as offering a social environment for both parents and children. Once your child reaches 19 months, they will be encouraged to start independent water movement, leading to swimming on their own and, eventually, leading to the next class up the ladder.

Pre-School Stage 1

If your child is over the age of three, not in full time education and hasn’t swum before, then this is the stage for them. It will teach confidence and independence in the water and, once completed, your child will be awarded the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework (LTSF) Stage One award, as well as the Duckling 1 and 2 awards.

Stage 1

If your child has started full time school and is nervous in the water, then this is the class we would suggest for them. It will teach confidence and independence in the water and, once completed, your child will be awarded the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework (LTSF) Stage One award, as well as the Duckling 1 and 2 awards.

Stage 2

This stage is for children who are in full time education and are confident in the water but have had no swim lesson experience. It will help develop water confidence and teach children to be able to swim five metres on both their front and their back. Once they’ve completed this stage, they’ll receive the LTSF Stage 2 Award, as well as the 5m badge.


SportsPassport is an online portal available via either your Everyone Active app or your online profile that keeps you updated with your child’s progress through their swimming lessons.

Benefits of Under 5s Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim as a young child has plenty of benefits, including the physical, the mental and the social. It’s such an important life skill for everyone and learning from a young age makes it so much easier. It’s also great fun for both parent and child!

Physical Benefits of Under 5s Swimming Lessons

The physical benefits of under 5s swimming lessons are some of the most obvious – helping your child get more active and improving their ability in the water will make them fitter, happier and healthier, while it might save their life (or someone else’s) one day as well!

  • It could save their life one day. By learning to swim, they significantly reduce their risk of drowning and ignite a sense of water confidence that will stay with them forever.
  • Strength and coordination. Swimming is superb for helping to build muscle and you will see your child’s muscles develop, their coordination improve, and motor skills soar to new heights in no time at all.
  • It’s great for a healthy heart. Learning to swim – and swimming in general – promotes a healthy heart and overall fitness, setting your child up for a lifetime of active fun.

Cognitive and Emotional Benefits

It’s not just physical benefits that your child will enjoy, however. Under 5s swimming lessons are a great way to help improve their mood, confidence and enhancing cognitive skills.

  • It’s great for boosting confidence. Dive into a world where accomplishments and self-assurance flourish, helping your child become a confident young swimmer ready to conquer any challenge.
  • Improve their cognitive prowess. Swimming isn’t just a physical activity; it enhances cognitive skills, boosts focus, and opens the door to problem-solving wizardry.
  • It’s a superb stress reliever. Watch as the water acts as a soothing therapist, melting away stress and enhancing your child’s overall mental well-being.

Social Benefits

Just like going to nursery or school, swimming lessons open your child’s mind to new experiences and new people. That means that as well as them learning new physical skills, they’ll also learn more about social interaction in a new environment.

  • Teamwork and cooperation. Under 5s swim lessons require teamwork and cooperation, giving your child the tools to navigate their aquatic journey alongside peers and instructors.
  • Making new friends. Your child will be in a class with children of a similar age, all experiencing similar things. This is a great foundation for any new friendship. As your child continues to learn to socialise, communicate, they’ll have a great time with their new friends.
  • A sense of community. By engaging in group activities such as swimming lessons, it creates a sense of belonging, fostering a love for community and a desire to spread positive ripples.