Hart Leisure Centre Gym Refurbishment

Hart Leisure Centre’s gym is set to undergo an exciting refurbishment later this year with a brand-new state of the art gym being installed which is set to transform your workout environment.

We are delighted to announce a £410,000 investment will be made by Everyone Active, which will completely transform the gym!

The investment will see exciting brand-new equipment and a new fresh and updated gym layout with the latest state of the art fitness equipment being installed, there has never been a better time to lead an active lifestyle with us!

Gym Closure & Alternative Options

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The gym will close on Thursday 30th November to allow for the works to begin. The gym will then reop

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Hart Gym Refurbishment


As part of the refurbishment works, the gym will benefit from a whole host of brand-new, state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

  • Installation of all new cardio equipment including Arc Trainers, Air Bikes, Watt Bikes, Ski Erg, Cross Trainers, Rowers, Octane Air Dynx, Powermills, HD Performance Treadmills & much more!

Hart Gym Refurbishment

  • Installation of all new resistance equipment including dual pulley, chest press, hack squat, prone leg curl, octane lateral, hip thrust, bicep arm curl, & much more!
  • Installation of all new free weights including benches and dumbbells
  • Installation of new plate loaded resistance machines including squat racks, shoulder press, lat pulldown & much more!

Hart Gym Refurbishment

  • Installation of all new stretch area

Hart Gym Refurbishment

More information will be announced soon!

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