North Norfolk Healthy Ageing Programme

North Norfolk Healthy Ageing Programme

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Everyone Active understands the importance of activity and the positive impact it has on healthy ageing; specifically our physical, mental and social wellbeing. Therefore, we are dedicated in supporting our community access exciting programmes and activities at local level.

We achieve the objective of “connecting EVERYONE to health” through collaboration with selective alliances. Our passionate individuals and organisations aim to create a more accessible health and wellbeing system which develops the relationship between physical activity and healthcare sectors, resulting in better health for EVERYONE!

Why Get Active?

Regular physical activity:

  • Decreases the risk of depression and reduces stress and anxiety
  • Builds Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Enhance positive attitudes and social skills
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes
  • Improve your sleep
  • Helps reduce high blood pressure
  • Helps control body weight
  • Reduces the risk of colon cancer
  • Reduces the likelihood of brittle bone disease (osteoporosis) in later life

Designing Our Health Programmes

Everyone Active hosts a range of selected social activities and programmes that best support all low to high-risk long term health conditions. We are continually engaging with the alliance
to improve, increase and extend our provision across the district.

There are 24 Health conditions our co-provided healthy ageing provisions will target. Some of those conditions are listed below. If you are currently living with a long-term health condition and
concerned about what you can and can’t do, this programme has been designed for you and is delivered by our specialised staff.

We are continually engaging with our partners and customers quarterly in structured strategic meetings to improve, increase and extend our provision to best address individual health needs.

North Norfolk Programme Conditions

Stay Active At Home

EVERYONE can stay active at home with our seated exercise class.


Don’t just take our word for it! See what those taking part in the programme think below:

“The good boost class is brilliant!!! It has definitely benefitted me.”

Claire Peat

Over the past few months Claire has attended Good Boost sessions at Victory Swim and Fitness Centre. Her subsequent hip pain has improved so much she is now able to take her dog for regular walks, which was something she was unable to do before staring the programme.

At the beginning of the Good Boost sessions Claire struggled to use the tablet or technology, but quite quickly became independent and is now able to login and create bespoke programmes based on her specific needs. Not only has Claire’s balance improved but her range of motion has increased significantly.

Claire highly recommends Good Boost to all people with musculoskeletal problems and attends weekly each Wednesday at Victory Swim and Fitness Centre.

“I really enjoyed it and I liked how it was personalised to a person. I will definitely be coming again, and I would highly recommend it for people with similar health problems. The tablet was easy to use, especially as I had an instructor with me to help.”

Paula Pellin

Paula has arthritis in her knees and has been using the pool based Good Boost for rehabilitation and pain management. Paula wishes everyone who has similar pain and mobility issues to give it a go.

Contact Us

The Reef Leisure Centre – 01263 825 675
Victory Swim and Fitness Centre – 01692 409 370
North Walsham Sports Centre – 01692 402 293
Cromer Sports Centre – 01263 515 669
Fakenham Sports and Fitness Centre – 01328 850 010

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