Learn To Skate


Learn to skate with Everyone Active

Skate UK is the approved Learn to Skate course developed by the National Ice Skating Association as the fundamental training scheme for anyone wanting to Learn to Skate.  The Skate UK program teaches movement and basic ice skating skills for skaters of all ages in 8 clear stages. Enrol onto one of our ice skating courses and you’ll get weekly coaching from an excellent qualified coach. Over the duration of the course, our experienced coaches will help you learn every level of ice skating from your first steps on the ice all the way up to being a pro!

Fancy being the next big star of the ice skating world? Well you’re in the right place.

Continual Assessment

Skaters will undertake continual assessment against the criteria set out within the levels of the NISA Level Plan. Once a Skater has demonstrated a satisfactory level of competency in all elements of the criteria then they will be recommended to progress to the next level within the programme (this will be facilitated subject to the availability of suitable space).

Spread the Cost

Skaters/parents are able to spread the cost of their lessons by paying by direct debit.

1:1 Ice Skating Lessons

These sessions provide children/adults with individual attention and a faster learning rate. They can focus on either specific skating skills / technique or follow the relevant levels in the NISA Level Plan. For more information on 1:1 lessons please enquire below.