Try Clip ‘n Climb with Everyone Active

Clip ‘n Climb is, in many ways, identical to traditional indoor climbing. It’s fun, great exercise and offers a bit of a thrill too! You don’t need any experience to enjoy Clip ‘n Climb and it’s perfect to enjoy by yourself, with your family or as a party.

What is Clip ‘n Climb?

Clip ‘n Climb takes traditional indoor climbing and adds extra elements of fun. The climbing walls are all bright colours and interesting shapes, while the auto belay system means you can climb without experience or assistance. Once you’ve finished your climb, if you want to come off or if you lose your balance, the system lowers you gently to the ground ready to start again or move onto another challenge.

In terms of challenges, each centre with Clip ‘n Climb facilities offers a variety of different ‘challenges’ – the equivalent of walls or routes in standard indoor climbing. These include the following:

CHECKERPLATE – Light up the board on this challenge. Bright colourful LED lights reflect brilliantly off the metallic checker plate surface to create a visually stimulating challenge with plenty of options on a unique terrain.

CIRCUIT BREAKER – Climbing meets lighting effect on this fantastic circuit board. From the gently pulsing connection lines to the flickering hi-voltage handholds you can choose your circuit to the top – will you follow the round flashing holds or the solid square ones?

FACE TO FACE – Race to the top, face to face with your friends or opponents. This double-sided window-wall provides heaps of options for interactive fun with climbers on both sides. Watch and match your friend’s movements.

PIXETRON – Pixetron is the new Diamonds! Brightly coloured pixels are arranged in a fantastic and bright pattern that’s a real head turner (and great for photo ops too!). Figure out how best to grip the round holds and which shapes to make as you climb your way to the top following the pixels as you go!

SKYSCRAPER – Become Alain ‘The Human Spiderman’ Robert and scale this giant building. An excellent first climb for younger climbers going straight up the middle as if climbing a ladder. Challenging for fit and flexible adults working their way to the top using the under-cling handholds.

SPEED CLIMB – Speed climb is the climb to beat. Race against the clock to see how fast you can climb or race your friends – who climbs fastest? Hugely popular with all ages and groups….

TREE TRUNK – Jungle Gym gives way to Tree Climbing. For little monkeys (and grown-ups too) there is nothing quite like climbing a tree – so why not have a go at our very own Clip ‘n Climb tree trunk climb?


As with all climbing activities, your safety is our number one priority. That’s why all our Clip ‘n Climb sessions – including parties – begin with a 15-minute safety briefing from one of our expert instructors. You’ll also need to comply with the clothing and hair requirements, which include the following:

  • No open-toed shoes
  • No shoes with a heel
  • Shoe laces should be tied
  • Jewellery should be removed
  • Tie back long hair

All participants are required to complete a registration form in order to take part in a Clip ‘n Climb session. Forms must be completed by an adult on behalf of under 18’s. Save time by downloading a form here and bringing it to the session with you.

The benefits of Clip ‘n Climb

Just like standard indoor climbing, Clip ‘n Climb is great exercise. It gives you a fantastic whole body and mind workout. Clip ‘n Climb engages and works all muscle groups simultaneously, using both fast and slow-twitch muscles, helping to build strength and endurance. It can also improve your balance and co-ordination, as well as increase your mental control and problem-solving ability.

Clip ‘n Climb Parties

A Clip ‘n Climb party is innovative, action-packed and fantastic for climbers of all ages and abilities. The unique auto-belay system ensures every Clip ‘n Climb birthday party is held in a fun, safe environment and turns climbing into a game. This is sure to be a party everyone will remember. You’ll need to wear suitable clothing (no skirts, hoodies or jewellery) and shoes (no sandals or open toes) and our qualified instructors will lead you through all the challenges on the wall. An hour’s party includes registration, a safety briefing, equipment fitting and plenty of time for climbing.

Part of a Youth Night

Clip ‘n Climb is a popular part of this popular multi-sport session designed to encourage young people to be active. Enjoy a selection of fun activities in a friendly and safe environment. There are a variety of activities available for one fixed price, with all equipment provided. Please contact your local centre if you require more information on which specific activities are included.