Soft Play with Everyone Active

Keeping the kids entertained can sometimes be a challenge and it may be tempting to rely on a tablet or the TV to keep them occupied. To help maintain our children’s health and fitness levels, however, it’s essential that they get the right amount of exercise both inside and outside of school or nursery and soft play is a great way of achieving that.

We here at Everyone Active have soft play areas at centres across the country, which are an excellent way to keep youngsters active and engaged. They are suitable for children up to 12 years of age and entry for those under one year of age is free.

Benefits of Soft Play

The benefits of soft play to kids – and parents – are huge. Not only does it keep the children entertained and engaged both physically and mentally while they’re enjoying the soft play adventure, but it will also help use up some of their energy, meaning you’re likely to have a quieter evening!

Read more about the benefits of bringing your children to one of Everyone Active’s soft play centres here:

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Soft Play Helps Support Learning and Development

Children are able to build on their gross motor skills and development through jumping, skipping, sliding and rolling through our soft play facilities. They also improve on their fine motor skills by taking part in more delicate tasks such as moving things with their hands and balancing; the movements they learn can help with their speech and language skills.

Fun Physical Activity

Although it’s beneficial for the kids to exercise outdoors after school and during the weekend, it’s not always possible to keep an eye on them, especially on a wet and cold rainy day. At our indoor soft play facilities, the kids will be able to have fun, get active and keep fit, by roaming through the ball pit, exploring the slides, playing in the fun house and jumping on the trampolines.

Social Awareness

Soft play is a type of independent play which means that your kids will be able discover the area freely, increase their confidence by interacting with other children and develop their social, creative and imaginative skills. They’ll also gain other vital skills such as learning how to play fairly and share, problem solving, as well as about winning and losing.

Safe Space

Our indoor play areas are designed with both your child’s safety and enjoyment in mind. The majority of the equipment is well padded and soft. This means the kids will be able to have a great time without the danger of hurting themselves in a space specifically built for them.

Catching up with Friends

As many parents know, it can become difficult to meet up with friends as our work and home lives get increasingly busy. A two hour children’s soft play session offers many of us the perfect opportunity to relax with friends in the seating area and catch up over a sweet treat and hot drink. We also offer a number of both sweet and savoury healthy snacks in our cafes.

Soft Play Birthday Parties

If you’re thinking of doing some a little different for your children’s birthday party, our indoor play areas are a fantastic option. They’ll have endless amounts of fun crawling, climbing and jumping through our multi-storey adventure areas. There’s an option to cater yourself or let us take care of everything and provide the food, depending on which centre you’re at and your own preferences.

TAGactive Soft Play

tag active soft play

As well as the standard standard soft play facilities, some centres are offering TAGactive soft play. This combines everything that’s great about soft play and TAGactive to give the ultimate experience for kids aged 12 and under.

It works in a very similar way to TAGactive, but is contained within a soft play facility, rather than a TAG Arena. Players get a wristband and, rather than points, players are tasked with finding and collecting different shapes.

There are stars, diamonds, circles, hearts and rainbow shapes located on beacons dotted around the arena and players just have to tap their wristband on each one to collect them. At the end of the game, the players download their wristband on to the TAG Play hub. The individuals and teams who have collected the most shapes overall, as well as the largest number of each of the different types of shape win, meaning there’s more chance for more kids to be a winner!