The Everyone Active Christmas Marathon

The Everyone Active Christmas Marathon is your opportunity to enjoy a FREE festive ‘elf kick. Run or walk 26.2 miles, cycle 100 miles or swim 10km over 12 days this Christmas. You can do this anywhere – in the gym, in the pool or outside.

Complete the challenge and you’ll receive an awesome medal that you can decorate yourself – or your tree – with! It’s one way to guarantee to get yourself on Santa’s ‘good’ list!

Entry into the Everyone Active Christmas Marathon is the perfect gift for a friend, Secret Santa or present for yourself!

Where can you take part in the Everyone Active Christmas Marathon?

In short, pretty much anywhere! Run outside or inside on a treadmill, swim in a pool, cycle outside or in the gym. The Everyone Active Christmas Marathon is a virtual challenge where participation can be anywhere, at any time. Enter solo or team up with friends and take it on together. Your local Everyone Active gym is a great place to start – as it’s likely to be a little quieter than usual at this time of year, as is the swimming pool.

To take part at an Everyone Active centre, you will need a membership to that site. There are a range of great value membership options available, depending on your centre annual membership, including a monthly membership or a pay-as-you-go membership. All of these will give you access to the facilities you need to take part in the challenge.

When can I take on the Everyone Active Christmas Marathon?

The challenge starts on 14th December and ends on Friday 5th January. Your 12-day challenge can be before Christmas, for those wanting to complete the challenge in the run up to the festive period, or 12 days afterwards. The post-Christmas challenge also works well for those who were gifted a place in the event (see our Secret Santa or Gifting options).

Who can take part?

Anyone can enter and you can take part anywhere and any how (run, ride or swim). The only thing you have to do is complete one of the Everyone Active Christmas Marathon challenges within 12 days.

How can you enter The Everyone Active Christmas Marathon?

The Everyone Active Christmas Marathon is a virtual challenge. Enter, team-up (if you want to), choose your start date and GO! Record your distances via your workout app, tracking device or manually. Complete your challenge distance in one go or multiple runs/rides/swims. When you’ve completed your challenge distance submit your result and we’ll send you any purchased items (e.g. medal and t shirt).

Gifting and Secret Santa

The Everyone Active Christmas Marathon makes the perfect gift or Secret Santa present. Enter for a friend and we’ll send you our special The Everyone Active Christmas Marathon card for you to gift to them, or give as a ‘Secret Santa’.

Why enter the Everyone Active Christmas Marathon?

It’s Christmas, that’s why! Let’s face it, at this time of year we all need a bit of extra motivation over to get out there and exercise. Gyms are quieter, the pool is likely to be more peaceful and it’s a great time to go for a ride, run or walk outside (despite the weather). Join us on the FREE, festive ‘elf kick and feel better this Christmas.

Once you’ve completed the challenge, you have the opportunity to reward yourself by purchasing an awesome medal with which you can decorate both yourself and your Christmas tree, as well as a spectacular t-shirt to show everyone you’ve accomplished this amazing challenge.

If you want to keep up with how your doing versus friends and family, you can check out the results right here.