The Trion Fitness App: Made for you

When was the last time you came across a fitness app that actually delivered on its promises? Like many of us, the chances are high that you have been disappointed in the past. It’s often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. This is the mind-set the developers at Trion embraced when engineering the world’s first truly personalised fitness app. What does this clever bundle offer and why has it already been taking the fitness community by storm?

Fitness App that’s About You Rather than the Routine

Let’s imagine an entirely realistic scenario for a moment. You realise that you want to lead a healthier lifestyle and yet, you don’t want to take on the role of a proverbial fitness “monk”. Unfortunately, most apps leave little room for negotiation in this manner. Much like a personal trainer who pushes you to your virtual breaking point, it becomes difficult to look forward to an upcoming workout. This is where Trion rises head and shoulders above the so-called ‘competition’.

Trion enables you to work out on your own terms. You can create a routine based around your personal target margins. Unlike some other fitness apps, Trion is perfect for beginners as well as experts. It provides video guidance for countless movements and there are currently well over one million personalised workout combinations to employ. In other words, there’s something here for everyone.

Trion personal trainingTrion is is one of the key elements of our digital fitness offering Everyone On Demand. This gives you access to the widest range of fitness and wellness partners on the market. From fitness and personal training to mental wellbeing and prescribed exercise, there’s a service or session to support everyone, no matter how you feel, every day of the week.

Everyone On Demand is available within the Everyone Active app (iOS and Android)

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A Dose of Reality

Most of us don’t have the time to spend hours in the gym. Even if we do, how likely is it that we will stick with such routines when they require us to cut out our favourite activities? The good news is that if you wish, you can still enjoy a night out on the town without feeling guilty in the morning. It is all about what you want to achieve. Having said this, Trion is just as applicable if you train with the intensity of a triathlete and you toss around iron seven days a week.

We believe that the majority of fitness apps fail to take this type of reality into account. As a result, users develop unrealistic expectations and they are (naturally) disappointed when they fail to meet the mark. Is motivation important? Of course it is and this is why Trion users can accumulate XP points over time. However, motivation needs to be tempered with a down-to-earth approach if you hope to make sustainable lifestyle changes over time.

Everything should be taken in moderation and based around what you are trying to achieve as opposed to what others say you should be doing. So feel free to enjoy that pint of beer or to indulge in that tasty dessert. Leave any feelings of guilt at the door where they belong. Either way, Trion will be here when you return.