Virtual Group Exercise Classes: Benefits & Exercises

Whether you’re a regular at group exercise classes or a complete beginner, Les Mills virtual group exercise classes are ideal for you. They’re perfect if you want to try a number of different classes, with each one usually lasting between half an hour and an hour. They’re led – via the big screen – by Les Mills’ very own instructors – the very people who choreographed the class. They take you through each workout, while the music and lights help you feel immersed in the experience.


What are Les Mills Virtual Group Exercise Classes?

Les Mills virtual group exercise classes are almost identical to the standard versions, except for one key difference. There’s no instructor in the room. Instead, classes are delivered by one of Les Mills’ world-class instructors on a big screen. These are the very people who came up with the programmes in the first place, so you know you’re getting the very best instruction you possibly could.

Benefits of Les Mills Virtual Group Exercise Classes

Virtual group exercise classes have all the same benefits as live classes, but with some additional bonuses too:

  • Led by world-beating Les Mills instructors

    To get the most from your classes, you need to be taught by the best and that’s what virtual classes give you. They’re delivered by one of Les Mills’ own instructors on the big screens, meaning you get the best instruction possible. This means you’ll get more from each class and will be more likely to reach your goals.

  • More flexibility in when the classes can be scheduled

    As there doesn’t need to be an instructor present, we can schedule more of these classes more flexibly. As a result, there’s a much greater chance it’ll be on when you can attend.

  • Greater number of classes each week

    Another advantage of the video instructor is that we can put more of each class on each week. This gives you more chance to attend the classes you want to.

  • Gives you the opportunity to try a class out before giving the live one a go

    Going into a new live class with an instructor present can be intimidating. Not so with a virtual group exercise class. There’s no instructor at all and the class sizes are smaller, too, making for a friendlier, less claustrophobic atmosphere.

  • Use of professional equipment

    By attending a virtual group exercise class rather than working out at home, you get to make use of the very latest and best kit available. This includes items such as weights and cycling machines.

  • Motivational atmosphere

    Classes take place in purpose-built studios with pumping music and motivating instructors. This helps you keep going and makes you more likely to reach your targets. The social nature of the group format also helps motivate you and keep you coming back.

Which Les Mills Virtual Group Exercise Classes do we Offer?

We offer a great selection of virtual group exercise classes, with something for everyone, regardless of your targets. Whether you want intense, fast-paced cardio exercise, or something a little more relaxed, we’re sure to have the perfect class for you. Check out our selection right here and get in touch with your local centre to find out which are available.


This virtual version of the original barbell class will help you get lean, toned and fit. Fast. You’ll burn up to 540 calories during this total body workout as it encourages the use of light to medium weights with plenty of repetition, rather than heavy weights in smaller sets.


The Les Mills Virtual BODYCOMBAT™ classes are the perfect way to punch and kick those calories away. It uses martial arts-inspired exercises to relieve stress, boost cardio fitness and improve coordination, agility and speed.


All the moves in this class have been carefully curated to increase your strength and flexibility, as well as helping to improve your body and mind. It includes a mix of Yoga, Thai Chi and Pilates, while the soothing music in the background makes it easy to forget you’re challenging your body and changing it for the better.

Virtual GRIT

There are three different styles of this popular HIIT class. They are: Strength, Athletic and Cardio. As the names suggest, each one concentrates on a slightly different element, with the first concentrating on building strength and muscle, the second on athletic power, agility and speed, while the third is designed to boost cardiovascular fitness.

Virtual RPM™

This virtual cycling class allows you to choose how hard you want to push yourself, while still keeping up with the instructor who takes you and the rest of the class through hill climbs, sprints and flat rides. Virtual RPM is fantastic for improving cardio fitness, as well as burning fat and calories, while the low-impact nature of the exercise will also help you avoid injury.

Virtual SH’BAM™

Dance yourself fit with the fabulous and fun Les Mills SH’BAM™ virtual workout. The simple but sassy dance moves are easy to learn and set to a thumping party playlist. All you need is a can-do attitude – no previous dance experience is necessary!

Virtual CX WORX™

This quick core workout helps you build essential abdominal strength in manageable 30-minute sessions. Using weight plates, resistance tubes and body weight exercise such as crunches, each manoeuvre can be adjusted to suit your fitness levels; making it flexible and easy to follow whilst still challenging yourself.

Contact your local centre to find out about the range of classes available near you.