What are the Benefits of the Les Mills GRIT Series?

There are three different styles of Les Mills GRIT high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. There’s Les Mills GRIT Strength, Les Mills GRIT Athletic and Les Mills GRIT Cardio.

The first of these – Les Mills GRIT Strength – is designed to improve strength, cardio fitness and lean muscles. Meanwhile, Les Mills GRIT Athletic is a sports conditioning workout. It’s designed to help you perform like an athlete – hence the name! Lastly, Les Mills GRIT Cardio focuses on cardiovascular fitness. It maximises calorie burning, increases speed and boosts fitness like nothing else.

How does HIIT work?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is at the core of the Les Mills GRIT series. It works through short intense bursts – or intervals – of activity that are followed by short periods of recovery. You go as hard as you can for a short period of time, rest, and repeat. Keep going like this for half an hour and you’ve got yourself a HIIT workout.

Regular HIIT workouts will help you to keep burning calories long after your workout has finished, meaning you get more that 30 minutes’ worth of calorie burn for each session. It’s also a great way of burning fat. Studies suggest that HIIT workouts can help you burn up to 9% more fat than a standard or ‘steady state’ aerobic workout.

Lastly, because you’re working at such high intensity, you don’t have to work out for so long. This means you’ll see better results in a shorter time period. Half an hour is all you need! It builds aerobic fitness, unleashes fast-twitch muscle fibres and helps to grow lean muscle tissue. It really is the perfect workout.

Les Mills GRIT Strength

Do you want to build strength, lean muscle mass and cardio fitness all in one workout? Of course you do, and Les Mills GRIT Strength is the perfect group fitness class to help you do that. Available in both live, instructor-led and virtual formats to boost your whole-body fitness.


One of the key benefits of this workout is the speed that it will help you reach your goals. Just half an hour twice a week will see you rapidly improve strength and cardio fitness. Meanwhile, you’ll also build more lean muscle and it’ll help you achieve your fitness goals and then increase those targets again and again. One of the great benefits of Les Mills GRIT Strength is that it will help speed up your metabolism and it’s this that helps you to keep burning calories – and burn them more quickly – even after your workout is finished.

Les Mills GRIT Athletic

This workout has been specifically designed to help you perform like an athlete. It utilises a step, bodyweight exercises and multi-dimensional sports conditioning to boost your overall athletic performance. This includes strength, agility, speed and power. As well as live, instructor-led workout classes, this class is available as a virtual class at many of our centres.


As with all HIIT workouts, one of the main benefits is the speed with which you’ll see results. Thanks to the way HIIT works, you only need to do two half hour sessions every week to start seeing some real results. This makes it perfect for the many of us who are time poor these days. We don’t have time to spend hours in the gym staying in shape. This allows you to balance your work life and personal life perfectly.

Les Mills GRIT Athletic will help you rapidly build strength, agility, power and speed, as well as helping give you a lean, athletic body. As with the other two GRIT classes, this workout will also help increase your metabolism, helping you to keep burning calories long after your session has finished.

Les Mills GRIT Cardio

As the name suggests, this final GRIT class focuses on cardiovascular fitness. Take on this class and you’ll be doing bodyweight exercises to seriously boost your cardiovascular fitness. You’ll also burn loads of calories, helping you burn fat and build lean muscle, thanks to the unique way HIIT workouts work. As with the other GRIT classes, in many of our centres, the Cardio class is available as a virtual session, as well as a live, instructor-led class. Enquire at your centre to find out more.


As mentioned above, the key benefit of the Les Mills GRIT Cardio programme is the huge improvement in cardiovascular fitness you’ll experience in such a short period of time. You’ll be able to harder for longer and you’ll burn loads of calories, too. That’s not just during the workout itself, either, you’ll be burning those calories long after the class has finished.

Everyone on Demand

Les Mills GRIT, as well as the rest of the Les Mills portfolio of fitness classes, are available to do at home as well as in centre as part of our Everyone On Demand membership option. This membership option also gives you access to a suite of other to use at home or when out and about. Our Everyone On Demand package is comprised of eight providers, including our very own EA Series exercise programme. These partners include Mindshine – a mental wellness company, Keiser: The Ride, which focuses on exercise bikes. It also includes all your favourite Les Mills classes, digital personal training sessions from Trion and WithU, as well as group fitness classes from SH1FT.