Hugh Llewellyn – Horfield Leisure Centre

Not only was he born with fibular hemimelia, where part or all of the fibular bone in the leg is missing, leading to his legs being amputated at a young age, but six months before retiring, Hugh Llewellyn was diagnosed with stage three cancer.

He was told he would be put on medication for four years, which would make him put on weight and lose bone density and muscle mass. His reaction was positive.

“By the time, I reached my late ’50s I had stopped exercising and always got aches and pains. I suppose I needed a kick up the bum and getting diagnosed with cancer gave me that!

“I wanted to keep my bones and muscles strong, especially being a double amputee, and I did it.

“I used to swim before so started that up again, as well as lots of other activities. I didn’t realise how much I could enjoy exercise. I’m off all of my medication now, I’m swimming better than I did in my 20s and I don’t get any aches and pains anymore either!”

Hugh thinks when you’re older you might feel like you’ve had your youth, but you should be extending your youth with exercise.

“Go at it, set targets, maybe not too ambitious to begin with. Then, when you achieve those, set higher ones and over time, you will surprise yourself with what you can actually achieve.”

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