Spooky Half Term Halloween Swimming Games

Winter’s drawing in, it’s getting colder, it’s raining, how are you going to keep the kids entertained this half term? You don’t have to stay in and watch a film, head out to your local Everyone Active centre and take on our spooky swimming games this Halloween.

Not only are these pool games great fun for all the family, they will help your kids build their water confidence in a fun and interactive way. They will be ready and raring to jump straight back into those swimming lessons after the holidays!

Zoggs’ Halloween Swimming Games

These swimming games are fantastic fun for the whole family – both kids and adults alike – and make fantastic use of some superb Zoggs products, as well as getting the children active this half term.

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Rescue Zoggy and Friends from the Witch’s Potion

Products – Mini Kickboard, Zoggy Soakers, Seal Flips

Aim: Get Zoggy and his friends from one side of the pool to the other without letting them fall in.

For the first of these swimming games, place Zoggy Soakers and Seal Flips onto the mini kickboard by the side of the pool. Carefully lift the kickboard into the pool. Remember to not let them drop or they’ll be lost to the witch’s potion. Place the kickboard in front of you and start kicking your legs to get to the other side of the swimming pool. You must be careful to keep it balanced or they will fall!

Change the difficulty of this swimming game by adding or reducing the amount of Zoggy’s friends you are transporting. Playing this as a group? Why not make it a race and see who can get Zoggy and all his friends to the other side the quickest? The person with the most characters to the other side of the pool wins!

H A L L O W E E N!

Products – Zoggs Aqua Ball, OR Splash Balls, OR Beach Ball

Aim: To be the last man standing!

Stand your group in a circle. Pass the ball around the circle spelling HALLOWEEN.  Each successful pass equals a letter of Halloween, the aim is to spell this as many times as you can until someone drops the ball. If you drop the ball you’re out!

If this is too easy, make it harder by every successful HALLOWEEN completed you take a step back so the circle gradually gets wider. Repeat this until there is one person left, they are the winner.

Do you need to make this a little trickier? You don’t have to pass the ball round the circle, why not pass it at random to individuals across and around the circle, concentrate because you don’t want to drop it!

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Zoggy’s Haunted House

Products – Zoggy Soakers, Mini Kickboard, Seal Flips, Zoggy Dive Sticks

Aim: To escape Zoggy’s Haunted House, completing three tricky challenges.

Zoggy’s trapped in his haunted house and needs your help to escape but you have to take him through three different challenges to get there:

  1. Place Zoggy on his Mini Kickboard (Soakers) and kick your legs to get him to the other side without him falling off. If he falls off it is back to the beginning so make sure you keep that kickboard flat!
  2. Once Zoggy is safely there, grab the seal flips and place them into the water. Using NO hands move them from one side to the other. Tricky Tips, if your struggling blowing bubbles can be a great way of getting them moving. All must make it to the other side, if one is left behind, yes it’s back to the beginning.
  3. Finally rescue all the Zoggy Dive Sticks from the bottom of the pool (to make this harder, collect them in colour order, or in one attempt). Safely return them to poolside and you have safely rescued Zoggy from his haunted house.

If you need to make this a little harder, set a time limit and/or find someone to race against and you’re ready to go!

Find Zoggy’s Ghost

Products – No products needed

Aim: Locate Zoggy’s ghosts.

Zoggy’s being haunted by some ghosts and we need to help him get rid of them. Nominate one of the group to be Zoggy’s ghost. Spread out across the pool and everyone except the ghost closes their eyes. Remember not to peek or you will be disqualified!

All the players except the ghost calls ‘Ghost, who are you haunting?’ The ghost replies ‘Zoggy’ just using the sound of the reply with their eyes shut everyone must try and find the ghost. If you can’t find them, ask again and repeat this until Zoggy’s ghost is found.

The player who is successful becomes the next ghost and another search begins. Keep going until you have got rid of all Zoggy’s ghosts. This is a great game for all ages and abilities so is perfect for the family.

Give the kids some spooky fun this haunted half term and burn off the energy they got from all that Halloween sugar by enjoying some of these swimming games. They will be entertained for hours, half term will fly by. Head to your local Everyone Active swimming pool today!