Half Term Family Swimming

Has half term crept up on you too quickly? Struggling to find something to do? Discover our top reasons to head to the pool with the family this half term.

Gets the Kids Away From Screens This Half Term

With phones, tablets, gaming devices, T.V. and so much more, it can be hard to tear the kids away. Swimming is a great alternative to all of these. You can lock the screens away and spend some quality time together as a family this half term without any distractions. Play some games or have some races, it will help build bonds and bring you closer as a family!

Swimming Helps Make Your Kids Smarter

Studies have shown that children who swim reach many physical developmental milestones earlier, improve visual motor skills and even do better at maths, so they’ll do even better once they return to school after half term.

You’ll Catch Fewer Colds

This is not strictly linked to swimming, but exercise – of which swimming is a great example – as a whole helps to strengthen your immune system, giving it boost each time you exercise, resulting in fewer colds and illnesses this winter.

Swimming Makes You Happy

Swimming, along with other forms of exercise, releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins which lift your mood and make you feel great. Swimming also helps release stress and tension and is a meditative exercise, it can help you relax and give your brain an escape from the pressures and chaos of family life this half term.

Perfect, Whatever the Weather

If you are looking to escape the cold and rain or get out the house on a sunny day, the pool is the perfect place to go in any weather. If it’s cold, just make sure you wrap up warm after your swim.

It’s Great fun

Swimming is just great fun, whether you’re doing it at half term, over the weekend, or just in the evening. Whenever you take the family to the pool, you’re bound to have a great time, while it’s great value and non-weather-dependant too. Find your local Everyone Active pool right here.